Saturday, December 20, 2014

More Christmas Cheer

Today was the second Christmas party we had scheduled... 

my side of the family. 

Chris and Nathan came up from Garnett, and Chris helped me get ready by running the vacuum while I decorated (more) cookies.

We did a lot of visiting... Amy, Paiton and Madison... 
the cream cheese - and pepper jelly did not last long. 

Paiton rearranged the Nativity Scene some more. 

Leaving Baby Jesus alone with the Angel. 

I made two big pots of chili... and the boys came up from the Kids Cave to get some. 

Within about five minutes, one pot was gone. 

(Jim and Amy) 

Our little slugger Jaxton got his Boston hat he wanted... and... 

His name is on the back... and yes, he was upset when I took this. 

Jacob and Nathan had their pictures taken with Grandma, and yes, Nathan was cutting up... he's 15. 

Jester and Lilly were in on the festivities. 

We even got our pictures taken... with Jim photo-bombing us. 

Chris was Grandchild number One ... born long before Keith and I were married... 
and when he was little... I had him pose with Moosletoe and Little Toe in his 
little rocker, every Christmas.  I asked him to do it again today. 

You see, Chris was nine years old before Nathan was born... so he was the Only for a long time.  I had very good memories of Chris rocking Moosletoe. 

And it has come down to his little sister Paiton, too! 

We had such a good time... and I had enough chili to save for 
my younger son this week... it's in the freezer. 

The kids, minus big sister Madison, are all here for the night, down in the Kids Cave. 

Keith is about to fall to a cold, the one I had 3 weeks ago, I'm sure... and 
he has dialysis tomorrow on top of it, on the holiday schedule, instead of 

The kids all leave early in the morning, and then I'm going to rest for a while!  

That's what Christmas is all about! 


  1. Good times,, good memorys, lots of love!
    We loved the photos!

  2. Lovely pictures of your family Christmas. How nice to have them overnight too. Chili sounds like the perfect meal for this time of year. It's one of my favorites. Merry Christmas

  3. what a wonderful xmas gathering! my kids still get their photos taken with santa to give to me each year!

  4. A great family get together. I know you all had so much fun!

  5. Your last sentence sums it up. Wonderful family and nice photos. You are so lucky to have that cave.

  6. We loved seeing all the faces with the names...and the story of Chris when he was little ...yes indeed it is just WHAT Christmas is all about....are you ready for a long nap grandma?
    stella rose

  7. Sounds like fun was had by all.
    Great picture of you and Keith!

    M : )

  8. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!



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