Friday, February 28, 2014

Harbingers of Spring

Ignore the window that has been like that since we moved here... it's inside the glass... to see the beautiful geranium I brought inside last fall.  This is the second time it's bloomed since Christmas, and 
it is SO CHEERY to me. 

Ohhhhh that feed is so going away when spring is here.... we need to slim the girls and Kelly down. 

This is not a spring story.  This is a dead mouse, unfortunately. 

Remember when I reminded everyone to turn your buckets over when you finish 
using them?  I forgot to turn this one over, and he couldn't get out last night.  He may have been in there several days, without my noticing, because I have not used this bucket since the first of the week. 
Poor little mouse, even the leastt of God's creatures deserves a better end than this. 

I turned over ALL the buckets immediately. 

And this, friends, is the FIRST sign of spring here in the gardens.... and tomorrow, we are expecting sleet, followed by 3 to 7 inches of new snow. 

Oh, Joy. 

Sleep, little daffodils, sleep! 


  1. We are still under lots of snow here but so nice to see your pics of Spring arriving..
    God bless

  2. Oh we loved seeing that red flower, looks just like spring!!!!
    stella rose

  3. my daffodils and tulips are pushing up though we have a foot of snow on the way!

  4. We just had about 15 minutes of heavy sleet. Thankfully it has moved on, but now the wind is howling. Ugg, so not looking forward to more snow. Oh well, at least March is almost here. My birthday is Sunday. Looks like we will be in the middle of a snowstorm instead of going out. LOL That is a chance you take with an early March birthday. I was so jealous of my 3 brothers while growing up. One has a birthday in June and the twins in August.They always got to go to the park for a party, but not me. LOL Have a good night and stay safe out there choring tomorrow.

  5. It is so encouraging to see those tips of green come up. We've a few on the sheltered sunny side of the house too. We are not eagerly awaiting another storm coming our way at all. But right now it looks as though the worst of it may just stay a little south of us.

  6. I've overwintered geraniums the last four or five years. I just love their blooms when everything else is stuck in brown and white.

  7. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful signs of spring!!!!
    But it's snowing out again. Were also getting ice pellets, thunder, and lightning. Temperatures have taken another nose dive :-(

  8. Am catching up. Had to miss a couple of days because I'm such a huge klutz and hit my head.

    Our daffodils all bloomed and then we had a dusting of snow again in Mississippi on monday.



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