Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Morning After or... Why I Dislike Hobby Farming

It snowed until 2 AM, according to Keith, who was up with a very sick Abby Lynn. 

I had dug out the middle of the deck yesterday for Abby to potty... and for the wild birds to come down and drink out of the fortex, which, as you see, was buried. 

I dug it all out again this morning. 

The Intrepid Lil will be 9 this July. 

And, as you see, was not going to let a little (a lot) snow stop her. 

However, every time I came in to warm my fingers up and rest for a few minutes, she came with me. 
I can see her slowing down... and her hindquarters taking a little longer to get going. 

I have begun shoveling "the paths" that will enable me to do chores a little easier. 
Our drive was plowed yesterday, but there are another six inches of snow in it now. 
We are praying the guy comes back around today. 
I have not even gone up to try to find the paper yet this morning, but we DID see the plow go by, 
and I can see cars and trucks moving freely down 24/40, which is 2/10 of a mile from us, and I can see it clearly from the yard and pasture. 

Mom!  Get this stuff OUTA here!  

Winnie and Windy were brave enough to go through the chest-high snow in their pen to greet me... 

Their barn did not fare well yesterday and last night, when it was blowing terribly.  The back faces north... and you can see where the wind was blowing from 

I cleaned it up, but the snow up against the back may hopefully help insulate for tonight and tomorrow night, when we are diving back down to 10 below.  

Uh-huh... Not I, Delilah says.  She didn't go out, either. 

It's very deep in their pen... I'll shovel a path later today, but right now, I am frozen and tired and I need a shower. 
It's going to be all about maintenance for the next few days. 

And yes, the ungrateful ducks are captives again, at least for the next five days.  Keith and I caught them yesterday, and for once, I wised up... we barricaded them into a corner... and I was able to simply pluck them up, hand them to Keith, who popped them inside one at a time.  
They have water and feed... and their companions are over in the other side of the old building.  At least they aren't out in foot deep snow, and more importantly, I'm not out there having to shovel paths for them, and feed and water them out in the cold.  It's not going to be easy, but it's doable when everyone is indoors. 

Now I'm going to have a hot shower and lay down for a bit before I have to go out and take more warm water again.  It is only 5 degrees out, going to perhaps 14 today, if we are lucky. 
I've had just about enough of winter, I have to admit! 


  1. it is so difficult for everyone with animals this winter. i hope everyone stays safe and warm. we were hit with ice!

  2. I know all about 14 degree weather. I don't think we had 5 degree thank goodness.

    The hubby said that he didn't like being a frozen weather cowboy........

  3. It's all about survival mode when it's that cold out. Hope all goes well for you!

  4. Yikes that's a lot of snow, hope you all stay safe and warm!

  5. Snow, snow, snow. It's not so bad since I don't have to go out and drive in it. Larry is trying to get the tractor started so he can plow out the driveway. I keep hoping the neighbor way up the road will come down with his big tractor and beat him to it. I shoveled a few paths so the cats wouldn't be walking in snow as high as their backs but that was enough for me. Glad to hear you stopped to REST.

  6. It so pretty if you can stay inside. Hope Abby Lynn is ok

  7. Yes go lay down and rest for awhile before you tackle that again.
    stella rose

  8. Stay safe while outside!

    How much snow did you get.
    We got 12" here in Lenexa.

    M :)

  9. Mary Ann,

    Be careful working outside in this type of weather.
    Stay warm and be safe.

    It's down right cold here too, it sure would be nice if the wind would stop blowing.

  10. The snow is beautiful. But yes, it can be a pain. In my experience, not nearly as much as pouring rain.

  11. So much snow to look at!! How is Abby?

  12. We are very tired and winter could just go away as far as I'm concerned too. I give you lots of credit for all you do there to maintain your little farm. It is a lot of work and in this weather everything seems double I'm sure. Take good care !


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