Saturday, March 1, 2014

Descending Into the Vortex III

Polar Vortex III, here we come!

You  might wonder why we called this meeting today. 

It's coming again. 


The Polar Vortex, that cold thing that about froze us to death twice last month. 


I was able to use the hose yesterday... it was 47 degrees! 
Now we are back in the low twenties, but wind chill is down around ten, and it is already snowing here. 

I got the starling crud cleaned off the can lids. 

The ducks even had a chance for a swim in their pool. 

However, an hour ago, Keith and I went out and caught them. 
I am not going to repeat some of the language we used. 
The ducks do NOT appreciate being herded and netted. 
It was for their own good, it is going down to 8 below zero tomorrow night and Monday night. 

I'm going out on a limb here to say that I don't think Rooster Three is going to be with us much longer. 
I found some pictures of the group of roosters in his hatch... they are six years old this spring. 
Three is being picked on by the younger roosters in the old henhouse, and when he goes out, must wait until everyone is roosted to go in.  In fact, I have taken to looking for him and making sure he is in before closing the pophole.  I was filling the duck pool yesterday when I realized he was all hunched up and not moving around much.  
8 below may be more than his poor old body can stand. 

When we had more hens in this henhouse, each rooster had two or three hens of his "own" and they were all happy campers. 

What is this, you wonder? 

It is a disgusting mess I shoveled out of the old henhouse yesterday afternoon, and simply dumped right outside the door. It smells. No, it REEKS.  It is spoiled grain and rotted straw, where it had gotten wet by the water fountains.  I would NEVER have done this in the "old days"... it would have been shoveled into a cart and hauled to the compost heap... but I am SO SICK of the cold, yes, it's official... I just didn't have the strength to do it. 
As it is, Keith and I have captured the ungrateful ducks and they are back in there again, getting everything wet.  

I'll move this mess in a few weeks, or pay grandson Chris to. 

What's Lil doing? 

Trying to catch THESE!

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  1. That first picture is great! It sure does look like they're having a meeting of the minds. You're not alone in not hauling the mess to the compost...I'm dreading cleaning out my chicken house this spring. It has never...never been this bad, and there's absolutely nowhere to go with the mess until the snow is gone.

  2. It is snowing here and the wind is howling. (big sigh) I am joining most everyone else in this country....come on spring. Just tired of the cold. Almost makes me want to move south. LOL That first picture is a good one. You have some pretty ladies.

  3. The first picture cracks me me up especially
    the text you put with it.

    Both of you stay warm and safe.

    M : )

  4. I agree that 1st picture is a winner for sure. It does look like maybe a little discussion is going on there ! Hope everyone can stay warm and make through this winter. I don't blame you at all for being tired of this cold. I think everyone is. Sure hope this is the last of below zero days.

  5. I think those are the same birds that get in the covered horse shed to eat the feed.


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