Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snowpacalypse KC Style

Well, we've watched in amazement and prayed for the folks all around the country in the mighty storms... and now it's our turn. 

I took this early this morning, when I was out doing chores.  See the fortex leaning 
against the side of the barn?  I had picked up all the feed bowls last night so they wouldn't be buried in snow. 
Then, I had to get them out and put them down to feed this morning. 

I promptly picked everything back up... 

Because within a half hour... the weather had changed to THIS. 

The captives in the old henhouse don't know how lucky they are. 

Stepping back a few feet, you can see that there is plenty of room in
is old building for the few birds living there.   However, we are expected to go to ten below in two nights... so the ducks are going to be joining their friends again.  Keith and I will round them up later today.  I want to let a little snow to come down on the slick henyard before trying to net them.  I also have a PLAN this time, and don't plan to chase them around. 

When I got home from a run to the grocery store... I thought I had better go before it got really bad... I found the ducks in the yard, bedded down by the haybarn.  I leave the gate open for Lilly to come up... and hadn't closed it yet.  I did walk them back in... I wanted them in their own yard so we could catch them later today.  
They headed straight for the lee of the henhouse. 

I ran in and chopped up some romaine for them, and got them a scoop of pellets to eat. They got some more fresh water.  
Later on this afternoon, Keith and I will go out... and get them and bring them into the henhouse for the next few days.  Not because of the snow... they can exist through that easily... but our temps are going to dip back to ten below zero one night. That's what I'm trying to save them from. 

You can see that when I went to the store at about 8:30, the roads were clear and even though it was snowing and visibility down, there was not a lot of traffic out. 
I think everyone in the U.S. learned from Atalanta's pain last week... because I have heard from several friends this morning whose offices announced closures last night... the schools are all closed... some government buildings and offices... and everyone is more prepared. 

Street and road departments are rarin' to go. 
I know our road will be plowed by tonight or tomorrow morning. 
We have arranged for someone to come here and plow us out... but I will be catching him and making sure he does not drag the goat lamp down. 

It's line runs across the drive from the porch. 

I took these shots not fifteen minutes after getting back from the store.  The goats are all snug in their little barn... and their warm water is on the bench out of sight to the left.  I'll check on them during the day, but they have plenty of hay to eat... and they are comfortable, snoozing and chewing their curds. 

This pretty much sums up the yard right now. 
I just took a whole bucket full of warm water out to the deck... I have the camera set up... and I poured out 
the entire fortex and put warm water in it for the wildings.  I am waiting a bit longer to go out and sweep the snow off the seed on the ground... they are doing a good job of eating it, you see... and 
then I'll spread fresh seed on the flat feeder and on the ground. 
I'm going to update with pictures throughout the day today. 

Everyone stay safe and warm and NO FALLING!

Hot chocolate for me right now!

Update at 3:12 PM: 

The cupboard was BARE.  The only thing there was hulls. 
I dug out below... and put plenty more feed in. 

This was right before I dug the area out below the feeder.  
I dug it deeply enough that it brought up a lot of seed that had dropped.  Even the crows had come down to eat. 

You can see why I went out. 
I shoveled part of the deck off, and the railings along the south side of the deck, so the birds had somewhere to roost. 
Yes, I know these are starlings... but they have to eat and drink, too. 

I checked on the goats... their little barn had snow blown in from the back... and they were kind of miserable.  There is one area still warm and dry, and I took them plenty of fresh hay, and a bucket of warm water. 

Plucky, Plucky, Plucky... that's all I have to say. 

This one, too. 

About two minutes after putting fresh seed out.  I also cut up bread and put it out there. 

My gosh. 

We are going out shortly for the Duck Caper. 
I'll let you know how it goes... my guess is we will be way too busy to take pics! 

Wish us luck! 


  1. My goodness what a winter you have had! Your animals look so cozy.
    It seems like you have had one storm after another.
    It looks like the weather man is forecasting more.
    Stay warm if you can.

  2. yuck, yuck and more yuck........i hate snow/ice and freezing temps

    lol....the horse trainers assistant told him that if she wanted to break ice in water buckets 3 times a day, she'd move back to Kansas.........

  3. You with snow, we are having the worst rain on record and Australia with high temperatures,so extreme. Your animals look so snug, keep warm yourself.

  4. Mom Kim here - and just think, with the cold/frigid temps, none of THIS snow is going to melt so that what we get later this week - Friday and Saturday, can just add to it. Your animals look so comfy - wish I could join them but instead I am here at work until 2pm - didn't our govenor say stay off the roads and he closed the state offices - goes to show you just how dumb some federal govt. big-whigs can be (not me - them). Somebody tells me don't get out unless really have to 0 I stay put unless my boss says otherwise. HOWEVER - will wait and see what tomorrow brings. You all stay safe and warm - don't freeze and drink some hot chocolate for me.
    Mom Kim

  5. My Momma is at work also...but so far no snow....dad is watching us today cos HIS boss said he could stay home.
    stella rose

  6. Mary Ann,

    We actually lucked out that night. We were suppose to get any where from 4 - 8 inches of snow. It passed us, went north and then south.

    Stay warm, safe, and enjoy your hot chocolate :-)

  7. Please be careful & try to stay warm. You are such a good animal mama.

  8. Good luck catching the ducks later do wish you much success. Slippery little buggers! Please be careful we dont need ya hurt...

  9. stay safe and warm! i think we might get really bad ice. i love all kids of winter but not ice!

  10. Hope you got the ducks in safely! I don't know how much snow we have here, but it's enough! Stay safe and warm.

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  12. It's snowing again at 10 PM. Wonder if it is up your way too. Time to go to bed and let morning bring what it may. Unhappy cats high stepping through the snow for sure.

  13. Glad you are all bunkered down there to weather the storm. The snow didn't start here till this evening and already we have a fe inches of new snow on the ground. It hasn't stopped and is to continue through tomorrow. Take good care !

  14. Good luck to all of you- furry or feathered!
    You have so much love for animals,,, and your doing all that you can do!
    The photos are beautiful and tell the story....
    Oregon is getting hit now too-- snow- wind- temps dropping,, more for the weekend!
    Sending love to all

  15. Wee are under another winter storm warning right now!! We are running out of places to put the snow!


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