Friday, February 21, 2014

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, we had a bizarre weather day in Tonganoxie: 

It snowed, and then rained, for almost two hours. 

And as you see, everything is turning to sog. 

One of us was smart, and stayed inside and took it easy. 

This morning dawned sunny and chilly... it was in the upper twenties. 

I knew I had let Abby out .... and I went back in to get a little bit more warm water for the ducks... and told Keith I did not know where she had gone, but I was going to look for her.  Look what I saw when I went back out!  She was down as far as she could go in the pasture... I had never seen her go so far.... she was having a good time exploring!

I wanted to show all of you some eggs that had just come in from the henhouses last night. 
This is how eggs look "in the wild".  If you have hens that have been scavenging around outside, 
they are going to stomp all over the eggs and get them dirty. Some get VERY dirty. 
They don't appear clean like the ones you get at the store (which are filthy when they are gathered, from 
hens in tiny cages).  This "wildness" makes some people afraid to eat "farm" eggs. 

I have a hen in the henspa who has been breaking an eating an egg daily... I am not sure who it is... but the eggs in that nest become very sticky and soiled... and I have to use an abrasive tool to clean them thoroughly. Cleaning takes the protective cover off the eggs... but mine never sit more than a few days before going to the pantry.  Two dozen are going to my sister-in-law this afternoon, in fact, when we go to pick up my eldest brother for the wake. 

Since tomorrow we will be at the funeral early... I may not do a post. 

Also... someone asked last night that we put a map of our place on the site... and we 
are going to work on that tomorrow, after we get home.  

29 days till spring! 


  1. whoo she did walk a long ways down there, she must have been feeling better. Sending you hugs for this weekend and today.
    stella rose and momma

  2. Good to see your snow is gone and the many eggs you got from the chicks. 2 blessings for sure. I'll be praying for you and your family as you go through a difficult day with the wake. I'm sure your brother will be missed by all. May he rest in peace and perpetual light shine upon him.

  3. Yes, some of the eggs are quite messy and when you don't have hens you never realize it.

    Will continue thinking about you and your family.

    We'll be doing reconstruction all weekend :)

  4. You are smart staying inside! That stuff could turn to ice

  5. Mary Ann,

    Fresh eggs are just so much better than any egg bought in the grocery store.

    Your little Abby loves to just venture, she reminds me of my Beans.

  6. I love fresh eggs. Yours look pretty.
    I love seeing your dog out exploring.
    I hope you get some warm weather soon.

  7. Abby looks like she had great time!

    I'm soory to hear about your brother--prayers for you
    and your family.

    M :)

  8. Just checking in. I am having a lazy day today though it is nice outside now that the wind has died down some.

    I'll be thinking of you and yours.

  9. That was quite a walk for Abby... and the cold does not bother her! She is amazing...
    Gosh- its still cold there!
    We think of you all the time-- so much going on in your world

  10. MA...much love to you always and especially these most difficult days. I keep you close to my heart and in my prayers.

  11. Oh, you have an egg eater too? I get so mad at them, and wish I knew who it was. Seems like once they get a taste, they just won't stop.
    Thinking of you and your family!

  12. So glad your snow is gone and I know the animals are happy, too! We're thinking of you...

  13. Wow, 29 days til Spring, that's a lovely thought.

    You've been in our thoughts here xx


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