Friday, February 14, 2014


I posted this on Facebook yesterday, but it is so funny 
I am going to put it here. 

I was sitting at the computer waiting for some clothes to dry...and I heard a noise. 
I went to investigate...

And that's what I found at the door!  They had released themselves from their pen... and I had left the gate to the pasture cracked for Lilly to go back and forth during the day. 

Lilly, by the way, was outside stalking a squirrel.  She had silently slunk across the yard and into her big doghouse, where the goats could not see her.  Winnie has made it her goal in life to go 
after Lilly. 

She stayed there until I put the goats up after letting them have an hour of exercise.  They are sick of being locked up, too. 

Mama began to butt the door as soon as she saw me take the picture! 

It got up to 45 yesterday afternoon, and a significant amount of snow melted... but there is really no where for the chickens to go outside... I can't get the gate to the pasture open, and I'm afraid to let them go out there anyway until they have a fighting chance against a hawk or coyote. 

Some of the rafter dwellers came down to stretch their legs, though. 

I almost locked Rooster Three outside when I closed up.  He was so quiet... and I had shut the pophole door and gone around to the inside, and did a quick headcount.  I realized I didn't see him in the rafters and went back outside.  You see... he will be six this next month... and the other roosters have taken a dislike to him, so he tries to stay out of everyone's way. 

I actually caught him and carried him in and put him on the closet, where he could get a drink and get into the rafters. 

See anything amazing????


As soon as the weather gets better, the hordes go away. 

Oh, they came back today, it never got above 32 and there has been a strong north wind all day... but.... they did not come back in the thousands.  I might actually make it ten days before having to buy wild bird feed again. 
The little birds were able to eat unmolested. 

As you see, the cover over the henspa yard is still holding up pretty well after two winter's use.  We did not 
drop it this year... and you see it has torn at the corners.  However, it's held up very well.  We do have one chicken who has figured out that she can stand on the deck outside their pophole, fly up, and get out.  She was out there walking around on the snow on top this afternoon!

I tried to get a picture, but she flew down before I could get it.

I know this picture is full of shadow, but two days ago, I broke up the last of the pumpernickel bread the pantry gave me for the birds.  I threw it out, thinking the little possum might like to eat it. 
He didn't.  It staled... and yesterday, my helper went out there and nosed around and carried a block of it back in the house.  She didn't eat it... it was hard... but she laid it on the couch and we watched the Olympics with it last night, and then I quietly disposed of it. 

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! 


  1. Happy Valentines Day to you also. That is a good picture of Abs with the bread and the goats on the have starlings in our yard now eating leftover apples from the trees.
    stella rose

  2. The goats just crack me up!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Keith.

    M : )

  3. She probably figured that you didn't really mean to leave it there!

  4. The first thing that struck me about the first picture was how clean and white the little goats were and how innocent they look! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Happy Valentines Day!
    Your photos are beautiful! Abby is such a doll!

  6. Never a dull moment there with all your critters. They do give you lots of smiles though and that makes all your work worthwhile. We haven't warmed up much yet, but they say this coming week we will begin to see some melting going on here. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  7. Haha those naughty prison breakers! Looks like next they'll be finding a way in to the house ;-)

  8. that has to be the cutest breakout i've ever seen!

  9. I love your goats, they are full of attitude.

  10. Laughing at Abby. Those goats...too big for their britches.

  11. The goaties are just too adorable, love that picture and their knocking!! :) Spring is coming, I'm sure of it now. It even warmed up here! :)


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