Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Shots

Speedy lives. (and he has some spurs, doesn't he?)   He's with Rooster Three in the rafters. 
Rooster Three is the one I am worried about now, he is not moving around much and looks miserable. 
He's six... he may be coming to the end of his time. 

We have one more bitter night, and then a string of decent temps. 

That's my gloved hand teasing the ungrateful Fancy, who tries to get me every time I go in the new henhouse. 
That's Larry behind him, the lesser of the two Mille Fleur roosters, who is banished to the top of the nestbox and the rafters now that Ferdie has grown up. 
He has had some cold damage to his comb. 

I switched to the plastic water fountains the last two days because I am out there changing the water frequently, and it is easier to lift them than the heavy metal ones.  Do you see Buffy, the Polish hen on the left?  See her beak?  It had to be trimmed again today, it has now been every three weeks. She is five years old... maybe six... and it is growing like crazy still. 

The chickens are clustered here because of the ducks, and I have a major mess.... wet bedding... to clean out once the weather lightens up again... on the coop side. 

I can't wait. 

I am still getting about ten dozen eggs between the two houses each week, and donating the majority. 

I have not gotten any good pictures from the deck cam... the snow is piled high, and no sun and the reflection from the snow prevents good pictures from being registered. 

One more cold day! 


  1. Oh Mary Ann- its time for the cold weather to move on

  2. Mary Ann,

    I can't wait for warmer weather, and it's going to come in the next couple of days.

    In October will you be going to the Mother Earth News Fair in Topeka?

  3. i heard that the rest of february will be above normal temps. even teddy no longer wants to go out much.

  4. It would be so good to know there was just one more cold day, but that is not the case here. We are at zero degrees once again this morning. This has been the coldest streak of weather that I can remember for our part of the country, but then maybe my memory isn't as good as it once was. I guess we will all be all the more thankful for spring this year.

  5. We are sick of it...sick of it...sick of it....and wesa don't even have to go outside to do chores!!
    stella rose

  6. You have chore a-waiting, and I'll bet you're going to be happy to do them, if the weather will just warm up :)

  7. It was nice to see the shadows on the snow today - because it meant the SUN was shining. Not much melting going on but sounds like it's gonna. Hang on for just a little longer and have your mud boots ready.

  8. Interesting post. Good luck with your roosters.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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