Monday, February 17, 2014

Catching Up on the Weekend

We had a good weekend here, and I'm sorry I did not 
get a chance to post... it seems my days have become pretty busy. 

The snow has begun to melt... and though we need more moisture, it's helping the ground and the fields around Tonganoxie that will soon be plowed. 

Meanwhile, it makes slogging through the chores a pain in the patootie. 
This is not the sweetness and light that hobby farm bloggers talk about. 

Here's Big Brother Pete in someone else's clothes on Saturday. 
The nursing home had lost his clothes in the laundry. 
I shopped three thrift stores at the end of the week and found him 
shirts and jeans and pants to get him re-clothed... but my point is that I am 
showing you that after his terrible sickness in January... he is adjusting well to nursing home life and has gained some weight.  He suffers from dementia, and though he knows me when I visit, he 
cannot care for himself, so is settling into his new home.  

And yes, it hurts me to see my happy go lucky big brother in this condition. 

These beautiful spring blooms were outside my brother Mike's room at KU Medical Center yesterday... Mike is fighting for his life at this point, and was taken back to the ICU yesterday morning. 
He has been hospitalized for over a month this time, and his poor family is 
worn out with worry. 
If you could all take a minute to pray for them, I would appreciate it very much. 

Little Abs has been trying to do chores with me now that it has warmed up a little... but she is so low to the ground that walking through the snow and mud leaves her a mudball from the chest down. 

I looked out the window yesterday and saw these two coming across the yard.  The pasture still has quite a bit of snow in it... and I am worried about coyotes running up from the bottom... so I let the goats into the yard for an hour. 

The other two were on the deck, eating the plants out of my pots. 

The ducks are soldiering on in their snowy yard... and still getting their lettuce treats.  They 
haven't noticed yet, but I opened the gate to the pasture this morning, so they could stretch their legs a 
little in the sun.  The bottom of the pasture has melted a bit, but the top is still pretty snowy. 

Thanks for bringing us some warm water, maa maa! 

You're welcome, Windy!

I wish this picture had come out clearer.  The white hen in the corner does not roost any longer, and she often covers the bantams with her wings, as if they were her chicks.  You can just barely see one little mille fleur girl, who was under her... and the little white bantam hen is often right at her side.  

Saturday night, looking down on the Spehar's ponds.  Simply gorgeous. 

The clouds were breaking this morning as I finished doing chores... and we have sunlight and 
38 degrees at 9:30.  What a blessing for us, after weeks of frigid temps! 
We are supposed to go to the sixties at the latter end of the week, and I hope to hitch up the cart and get a little of the mess cleaned out of the henhouses.  

I hope everyone else is getting a great start to your weeks... and thanks for remembering my big brothers in your prayers. 


  1. We had to iron name labels on all of my mother's clothes when she went into the nursing home. How can they lose his clothes? However, finding something that wasn't hers in the closet was unusual, either :(

    I know your family is just worn out. Absolutely nothing is harder on patient and family than a long hospital stay. My thoughts of and prayers for all of you.

  2. Sending prayers for your brothers. So glad you're have a heat wave ;-)

  3. i am so sorry about your brothers. lots of good energy coming your way. we are expecting a big storm tonight.

  4. What a winter this has been for you, on ALL fronts! Prayers for all of you!

  5. Lil Abs you are doing a very good job helping. Mr. Pete is so cute. Glad he is adjusting

  6. May your brothers know comfort and healing, and prayers for your heavy heart as you visit and care for them -

    We've got more snow on the way *sigh* .. what a weird winter this has been.

  7. Prayers being said for all of you. Enjoy the warmer temperatures. The mud will dry eventually if we don't track it all into the house first! :)

  8. I'm glad your brother is handling it well; some folks don't.

  9. Hi Mary Ann
    Yes,, so much is going on in your world- and you probably don't know what to do next.
    Its good to know Pete is adjusting to her new life.. We will of course remember him in our prayers, and also your other brother Mike.Its good you have Abs and Lily to help you with your farm work.

  10. You are so good to your family. Lucky brothers to have you. It cracks me up that people thing winter is the quiet time for farmers, but, goodness, it takes a long time to do chores and take care of everyone in this winter weather.

  11. Mary Ann,

    Sending prayers and hugs for Mike, Pete, you and your family.

    It's good to see temperatures are warming a bit up there. There are signs of spring popping out down here.

  12. Yay for the warmer temps this week! We had a little freezing rain last night, but the sun finally came out today. Now if the sun and warmer weather will just melt all the snow. Take care out there doing the chores. Praying for your brothers.

  13. Prayers for your brothers and for you Mary Ann. Let's hope the weather continues to improve and make things a bit easier for you. Any hobby farm that reports nothing but sweetness and light isn't being honest, ther is no such thing as a farm without hardwork and troubles. Hang in there.

  14. I'm sorry to hear about your brothers. I know it's hard on the entire family.

  15. Oh look at the mud! Nice to see Pete, I'm sorry they lost his clothes, good grief. But glad to hear he's gaining a little weight. I'm sending continued prayers for you, and your family. Sending my love...


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