Thursday, February 27, 2014

Once a Killer, Always a Killer

Ah... so innocent. 

Henrietta... one of my favorites. 

For the last week, I have been letting Lilly stay in the yard when the henspa chickens were out, because she has gone from the the pasture to the yard for two months without bothering ducks or chickens on that side. 

Well... I learned my lesson. 

Thank heaven I was close to a window when she struck.... I beat on the window and yelled, and Henrietta was able to get away with just a loss of dignity, (I think). 

Lilly literally had a mouthful of feathers... and I have to admit that 
she came to me immediately when I told her to stop and get back to me. 

I clipped a leash on her and brought her in... it was my fault. 
She just will be inside from now on while the hens are loose in the evening. 

Of course, we are now predicted to have 3 to 7 inches of fresh snow with an underlay of sleet on Saturday night, so they will be in for a while after that. 

The girls got themselves in gear today!  

My poor remnants of the Japanese bantam flock.... they have been living in the rafters again since it turned cold.  At least last week they came down and went outside.  They have to endure the starlings eating all their feed and drinking their water, so I go out at noon and again at 3 to fill their feeding bowl and their water fountain.  They jump right down to get some before the starlings can get back inside.  I think this week they will be in the rafters most of the time. 

I honestly do NOT know how people who live in colder states do it with their animals! 

The little girls were having a late afternoon bite when I took them their warm water this evening. 

I put some new paper on the upper door of their double door .... it had come loose.  We have papered the lower door twice to keep wind out... but they pull it off each time. 

Delilah was already inside.  

She and Windy had had a good, long drink of warm water when I brought it out. 
In fact, they drank so much that I went back in and brought another full bucket out for them. 
It will freeze by morning, but they all had a good long warm drink tonight. 

However, Kelly was last to the bucket! 

Everyone stay warm! 


  1. Gosh , I cannot believe more winter is headed towards you! We have fog so thick you can't see a thing,, but the temp was about 48 today.
    Thank goodness you called out to Lilly-
    What you said is true- once a killer- always a killer.
    We hope your getting a little rest- sometime

  2. Kelly looks quite comfy sunning herself in the tub!

  3. Sedona is a chicken killer too. She seems to think she is a hunter and not a guard dog. Stay warm. I can't imagine living with the cold you get.

  4. Mary Ann,

    Good thing you were close to your window to stop Lilly from doing further damage.
    Dogs are known to going after things that move, mine does all the time.

    Stay warm yourself my friend, it's going to be another cold weekend.

  5. You're right about the dog. It's just too much temptation. She IS a bird-dog, after all.

  6. No snow at your place Mary Ann ! they are calling for 70% snow tomorrow North of Wiarton. It feels like we have been closed down the whole of Winter. -26 *C this morning, I think your Bantams would have frost bite here. Poor Lilly, maybe she was trying to round the hens up ? minus a few feathers? Stay warm there.

  7. We'll be hoping we don't get as much snow as they are predicting. The forecast is about the same here. Take good care and keep warm!

  8. We hope poor Henrietta survived her ordeal. We're in for snow Sunday. I haven't heard how much, though.

  9. Yikes, that's a lot of feathers!

    Hope the hen is okay.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. lilly is a good girl. teddy never would have dropped that bird! we are in for this storm too!

  11. Kelly is sooo cute!! And the girls too. I'm amazed Lilly listened to you, that's a good sign, still bad to be trying to eat the chickens but good to listen to mom! :)

  12. Kelly is really liking that comfy mattress isn't she? So glad you caught the killer in the act.

  13. We absolutely love that last picture of kelly in the hay
    stella rose


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