Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Odds and Ends

These, my friends, are starlings battering themselves against a window in the henspa. 
Yes.... I found a dozen in there when I went to do chores this afternoon. 
I almost cried.  
Only ONE time before has a small bird gotten in through the pophole, but alas, we have not kept the 
net pulled up to the building this year. 

I opened the front door widely... and waited for them all to find their way out.  

 Several finally stopped in exhaustion. 

I might have been yelling "Starlings, get out!"  

The total output of two henhouses today.  Seven eggs. 
Only four from the henspa, where there are about 28 layers. 

Pretty disappointing, but I have been donating 8 to 9 dozen a week, so I can't complain about a short day here and there. 

We got a dusting of snow last night, but they are saying real snow for 
Sunday.  Not sure how much. 

I can tell you that when I brought the warm water out and loosed the ducks, they 
ran straight to the fortex, and Spice jumped in imeediately while everyone else got a drink. 
You notice Donald is drinking too, he usually stands back and lets the girls go first... but in the morning, they are all desperate to get that first (warm) drink. 

Ducks need water to keep their bills clean and clear. 

Look!  The maple tree is really budding out!  

Winona, the Putting Up book is yours... please 
send me your address to, 
and I'll get it in the mail. 

Ramona at The JR, we have never "met" and 
I don't have an address for you, but the 
Creamery book is yours if you will just 
send me your address at the above 
email.  I could not find a way to contact you. 

The Dairy Goat Book is still up for grabs, and if no 
one wants it, I'll pass it on to the Dairy Goat Project 
for the local 4H kids. 

At mid-day, I usually go out and refresh water for all the animals. 
You see, by then the starlings have slurped up every bit of water for the ducks and chickens on the old henhouse side... and all of the feed.  I re-feed and re-water. 
The above short video shows the ducks who were so glad so to see some feed in front of them.  Donald is standing off to the right, quacking softly as his girls ate ravenously.  They HAD been out in the pasture all morning, and had already had some leaf lettuce as a treat.  

I have just heard on the five pm news that we are expecting 
lows as low as 3 degrees next week, so we are not finished with 
frigid temperatures around here. 
I am undecided as to whether or not to bring the ducks back in... but I will NOT be 
letting the chickens out in those temps. 
The warming light is back on in the goat barn. 

I'm praying for Winter to loosen her hold on all of us! 


  1. as much as i love winter, snow and cold temps, i am hoping you get some warmer weather soon. it is so hard on the animals.

  2. I believe most folks are more than ready for spring. I know I am!

  3. Thanks Mary Ann. I just sent you my address. Looking forward to getting it. I am getting so tired of this winter. We are supposed to get something on Friday then a big snow on Sunday. I hope they are wrong. Tired of cold, snow, and mud! Have a good evening.

  4. ok winter- its time for you to let go of us,, and you can go on your way!!
    Mary Ann- all those birds must be something like a horror movie-- THE BIRDS!

    I think its a great idea to give the goat book to the 4 H,,,,, wonderful idea

  5. So good to see the buds on your tree. A sign that spring is on it's way. It's the same here more cold and more snow. I'm sure the weather people are tired of giving the same old forecast too. I'm thankful at least the daylight hours are longer now and the sunshines now and then too. At least it is not so dark and gloomy.

  6. Thank you, address on the way.

    Donald is a sweet boy to let those girls eat first. Star was not so sweet with the protein tub. He made sure to have his head in there 1st. Gray had to wait on him to get his fill.

    I hope the weather lets up soon. We dropped down to the low 20's last night and had a heavy frost this am. This Mississippi weather has been a killer this year.

  7. Hi, If the goat book is still available I would love to have it. Although I am still in the city on a very small patio home lot, I am gathering all the reference books I can for the future.

  8. That is a great shot of the starlings at the window. I love birds, but not the starlings or the grackles. Pesky things eat up all the bird seed. I am hoping that the next round of winter weather will be the last, but I'm sure I'm just dreaming. I think everyone has had enough! Take care and stay warm!

  9. That first picture is really awesome!! I cannot believe the maple tree. Man!


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