Monday, February 24, 2014

Some Random Pictures

I put a leaf of hay out in the pasture when I turned the goats loose this morning. 
They went right to it... the three young ones like to roam around the pasture. 
Big Mamacita Delilah likes to lay in the goatyard and watch them. 

The sun finally showed it's face about 1 PM, and shone down on Ferdie, Fluffernut and 
Rockette... don't they look pretty in the light?  He has the most musical crow of any rooster 
I have ever owned. 


Always on duty. 

Looking out just now, I saw two little goats and one adult one sleeping in the sun.... ducks and chickens in the goat yard with them. 

All is well at Calamity Acres this afternoon. 


  1. All's well in the barn yard makes me smile. Glad you got some sun.

  2. Its very good to hear all is well! But we know those ears can come alert at any second!
    The chickens and the rooster are so beautiful.
    We hope your getting a little rest Mary Ann

  3. They all do look very contented. I do so love to hear a rooster crow! We have some more new snow here this morning!

  4. Abby looks so cute! Glad all is well Mary Ann.

  5. Even the hens love the sun. We all have a lot in common
    Lily & Edward

  6. Your animals were very glad to see the sunshine :) We had sun yesterday but clouds again today. I am so ready for spring!

  7. It is always nice to warm up
    in the sun.

    M : )

  8. All the animals look quite content! I wish I could see as much grass here as I see in your pictures and I am sure my animals wish the same. We have snow flurries predicted about every day in the 5 day forecast and there is a negative for the low too, BLAH!!

  9. It does a heart good to know that the animals are content.

  10. If we didn't know any better cos it is sunny we would also think it is WARM! Love the pictures of Ab's ears.
    stella rose


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