Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mr. Possum

Mr. Possum had very cute little fingers and toes, and was 
a very young boy. 

Okay, it might be a girl.  He walked away about 4 feet the first time 
I went out there... 
the second time, he kept on eating. 

He ate for four hours, then disappeared about 6 PM. 

Ummmm notice the disinterested look on Lil's face. 
Don't let it fool you. 

I had to keep her in all afternoon, she could bite that baby in two. 
I took her to the pasture to let her run and go potty for a while. 
Then she came back in. 

The prisoners were freed.  Hallelujah. 

This prisoner is NOT loose.  Yet. 

And finally resigned herself to prison for a bit longer. 

Last year, on a day like today, I turned the chicken flock loose... and two coyotes came from the hole in the fence at the bottom of the pasture as if on cue, and got a hen and a big, young rooster. 

We are up to 31 degrees this morning... and hoping for high thirties.  The snow on the deck is melting and more importantly... the starlings are NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. 
The second it warms a little, the wild birds, as they should be, are looking for wild food. 
I notice that the mama starling who has built a nest in our propane tank the last three years has already started.  I hate to tell her, but we are going to have to order propane this time before she is finished raising her customary two clutches. 

As you see... the sun is SHINING!  YAYYYYY! 

And all is well in the Kingdom. 

Our friends in the south and east... we are thinking of you and praying for you! 


  1. How wonderful to see the sun, it is shinning here but no melting going on yet. Glad all is good in your kingdom today!

  2. Oh how lovely to see a possum, we don't have them here. Your goat always bring a smile, even when they are frustrated by the weather!

  3. Cute little Possum.
    It all looks like all is well, I will be glad when you get some more warm weather.
    All of your flocks look great.

  4. He's adorable! Really!... and I love getting my goat and duck fix here on your blog :-)

  5. teddy sure would take care of that little possum! it has snowed here all day. they said we would get a dusting and we just had to use the snowblower!

  6. Mary Ann,

    The possum is adorable, 4 hours of eating. Oh this poor baby must have been starving.

    Wooohooo SUNSHINE!!!! Our temperatures made it to 62 today. OMG, hurry up spring!

  7. Those silly little possums really do play possum, BOL

  8. You always have the cutest photos, LOL

  9. The little possum is a cute little thing!
    I am so happy to see the sun shining down all of you-- we just wish it would warm up, and the snow go away

  10. He must have been starving. Very kind hearted of you to let him eat.

  11. I almost didn't read this because I was afraid it was going to be sad, but I should have known better with you :-).

  12. I am glad to see nice comments about the possum, I like them a lot. I get really annoyed when people call them rodents! I do, however, live trap and re-locate them, as we have horses and possums carry EPM (causes neurological symptoms in horses). I hope this hard winter is over soon, it is taking its' toll on everyone.

  13. Possum is so cute!! :) All the critters look very pleased with themselves, prisoners and all!


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