Friday, February 7, 2014

The Truth About Your Blogger

This, my friends, is how I look most evenings now. 
Worn out. 
Yes, I need a new bra. 

Keith was kind enough to take this last night.  I had made dinner, done the dishes... all the outside chores were done... and Lil was in.  She was worn out, too, as you can see. 
Five minutes after taking this shot, Keith put a warm afghan over me so I could be comfortable watching the first games of the olympics.  
MY... the snowboarders!  I don't know how they have the courage. 

Since I am stuck on Nicole Curtis, the Rehab Addict, I had to go back and forth... but I was just stunned at the snowboarding.  Less so, with figure skating.. isn't that odd? 

My point is, by evening I am generally worn out, and I have an added worry now... my left foot has been freezing.  Today it was particularly cold, and I asked Keith to look at it.  We discovered my big toe was white... pure white... obviously getting frostbitten.  I still have evening chores to do, but am going to double-sock, and hurry through them.  This worries me very much. 

Most of the little chickens in the old henhouse eat and live (right now) on top of the closet... they roost in the rafters. 
Everyone was there except Speedy Gonzales, and I have not seen him all day, the tiny Old English Game rooster. 

I have not heard him, either.  
 I know I saw him earlier this week... so my suspicion is that he may have died in the terrible cold. 
Just out of camera view, there is a four foot wide piece of dropped ceiling still up there, and the hens laid up there for a while... and the little birds hang out there during the day.  I am praying I just didn't see him... because I have to stand on a high ladder to see inside that ceiling area.  However... the fact that I've not heard him crow... 

Abby helped me move the bird seed.  I was able to fill the can, so that the wild birds will have feed for a few more days til they can find it on their own... like, when this snow melts! 
We need the moisture, but gosh, I wish it would warm up a little. 

Our big girl wishes it, too! 

Stay warm out there, friends! 


  1. Your weather is not for the faint of heart or the owner of stock! I do hope you can protect that foot.

  2. Hi...this weather is brutal... the white on your toe could be Raynauds syndrome. ..i suffer from can do a google search to learn more...take care and stay warm...

  3. I just can't imagine the relentless cold you've been having. We've had our share, but the awful stuff hasn't lasted too long. Please take care of that foot!!

  4. Ohhh, take care of that foot. I looked at the ten day forecast for us and looks like later next week we will be thawing out. I don't think I will even complain about mud, will you? Hope the warmth will go as far north as you.

  5. Be careful! Have that toe looked at by your doctor.

    Get some rest this weekend.
    Do you need anything?

    M : )

  6. lol Mary wear a bra at home. That's the 1st thing I shuck off.

    You might want to consider investing in a pair of insulated hunting boots. Especially when they go on sale soon. I can't believe they already have St. Paddy's day stuff out in some of the stores.

  7. I just love how bloggers can help each other out with information like Raynauds Syndrome. Wish I could help out with chores. I know you are getting so tired this winter and being sick hasn't helped anything. Me - I am just getting so bored with the same old freezing cold routine day in and day out. I don't know how the animals can stand it. I really don't.

  8. I would be surprised if you weren't worn out. Look at all you do! I have a friend with Raynauds. Her fingers will get white & then turn blue if she gets too cold for too long. I too ditch my bra when home ;)

  9. I'm with DFW. Bra goes off when I come in the door.

    I think you look just lovely. Take care of yourself!

  10. the snowboarders are awesome! i remember them fighting to get it into the olympics. i think it is one of the best winter olympic games to watch. what athletes they are! wrap those toes frostbite for you. too many critters depend on you!

  11. Oh Mary Ann you crack me up - you are so sweet. It really has been a chilly winter, hasn't it? Our chickens are an unhappy bunch since I keep them in if it's single digit weather or below. They've been in a lot this Winter. I hope you find poor Speedy. Take care of yourself!

  12. Mary Ann,

    You look exhausted, place your foot in warm (not hot) water for a little while, dry your foot and keep warm
    under those blankets. Be careful, when going outside in this cold.

  13. Maybe it's time to scale back on the critters and stay inside more.

  14. Our forecast sounds like we're in for more normal temperatures here next week and I'm ready for them.

    Please have your foot checked by a doctor to make sure what is going on. Someone suggested insulated boots and I think that would be a good idea since you are outside so often. One may not need them a lot, but they are certainly worth their weight in gold when they are needed.

  15. How did my dog get in your pictures?

  16. Mary Ann,, I am thinking batterery operated warming socks or something like that. Insulated boots will not help my feet-- they have the Raynauds thing,,, but like those hand warmers except for feet.
    Your poor foot!

    tweedles and moms

  17. I don't know anything about frostbite (other than on chickens) but your description of your toe worries me. If it isn't back to normal ASAP, please have it checked out. ...and I hope you find Speedy Gonzales (alive).

  18. You have every right to be tired out when evening comes. Keeping your feet warm is important. I wear wool socks most of the winter and that helps. We'll all be glad to see this winter go. Take good care.

  19. Take care of that toe. I hope it warms up for you all soon.

  20. This winter is just beating me down too. That does sound scary with your toe. Be sure to take care of yourself. Sorry to hear about the rooster. Hope he's just hiding, but this has been brutal.

  21. Worn out.... but wearing a wonderful smile :-)

  22. Something I found this cold winter -- heat holder socks (google them) -- wonderful!

  23. Sorry to hear about your toe. Your weather has been fierce!!

  24. Here in the UK it is not cold, just very, very, very wet.

  25. did you get your toe looked at by the dr? be careful out there.

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