Monday, February 3, 2014

A Sunny Monday

Better look closely at that one, Mary Ann.  We won't be seeing it the rest of the week. 

It's dripping out there now, but we are get a major winter storm moving in by midnight. 
I'll have 12 inches of snow tomorrow to cope with, and the darn wind is coming back up. 
I let both henhouse flocks out today to get plenty of exercise, in case they have to be locked up for a few days. 

It's not so bad for the old henhouse, with 13 birds left... but the henspa flock is under each other's feet when they are locked up for a while. 

Yesterday, on my way to buy some warm mittens... I saw a lone coyote in a large pasture along the highway.  He stood for a moment in the middle of the pasture out in the open, then limped forward.  The wild things are starting to suffer now during this cold weather. 

The ducks waddled as fast as they could for the warm water this morning.  I usually fill their pasture fortex as soon as I do the goats in the morning.  They are quacking wildly at their gate when they see me. 

By the time I finished filling the water fountains in the old henhouse, the ducks were bathing in the warm water. 

I took them some more a little while later, as we are expecting a storm and I don't think they'll be 
able to bathe for several days. 

These guys had a good day... I let them out of their pen into the pasture, but pretty soon, I saw they had gone back in the pen to lay down and chew their cuds.  Smart goats.  I'll batten down their hatch tonight and leave them with warm water and fresh hay. 

I took this picture from a distance so you could see that we had a good melting going on today, of the smattering of snow we got on Saturday.  It melted enough yesterday that the driveway and road were very slick today... and I'm almost glad for the snow coming tonight.  However, we'll have to have the driveway plowed out, and I think I've already arranged for that, thank heavens. 

I was getting ready to CARRY THAT HAY out of the back of the HHR and into the haybarn on the right, and yes, MA'AM, I did it by my little self. 

Look closely at the blue rooster at the back. 
He is calmly standing on Buffy.  Again. 

She doesn't even protest. 

I'm protesting for her! 

I went by the pasture pen with water and interrupted a confab going on inside the dog house. 

Chowing down before the storm! 

I'll be praying for all my friends still working that you all make it safely to and from work tomorrow... everyone be safe out there! 


  1. Winter has sure been relentless for you, hasn't it?! My parents are on a trip right now, heading to California. My Dad called from Oklahoma this morning, and said that they might be getting into some nasty weather tomorrow. That's probably the storm you're expecting. Ugh...

  2. We can hope you won't get that much snow - 6 inches forecast for our area. We just had ice over the weekend with a few snow flurries. Lots of accidents and it's still very slick underfoot in a lot of places where the sun didn't hit today. Think I'm all set to sit back and watch it come down. Did some errands in town today and filled all the bird feeders tonight. Will only have to go out to feed and water the cats and dog.

  3. Please stay warm. It is so wonderful hearing about you taking care of all your animals!

  4. We get your storm on Wednesday then they are forecasting another storm for my area on Sat/Sun that will dump feet on us. *sigh* The only good thing I can think of from all this snow and frigid temps we are having is that the ticks will be killed off and not that bad this coming summer. Stay warm and safe.

  5. Our temps are going to drop too,, but not like yours! Gosh your world is sooo frozen.

  6. Mary Ann,

    Your animals appreciate all that you do for them. They are adorable!!!

    Stay warm, and be safe. More of that white stuff coming in the early morning hours.

  7. We're supposed to get record-setting low temps later this week, but I don't think snow is forecast. I'm glad; it does complicate things!

  8. you sure take great care of all those critters! the ice part of the storm is heading our way!

  9. We had a sunny Monday here too, but not quite as warm They called it the calm before the storm on the news. We have warnings up and everyone was advised once again to stock up on necessities as it's going to be a bad storm with 6-10 inches of heavy snow. I'll be joining you in praying for all those that have to be out on the roads. Take good care !

  10. Oh beautiful blue skies! Hope this is a sign of things to come for you!

  11. it was bad enough dealing with the 3 or 4 inches we got

    it's going to rain around lunch and then probably rain all night

    they said snow again on friday, but it won't stick this time because of the warm ground and wet weather

  12. We hopes everyone made it through the night okay, and kept warm. our momma is sick of this s***...its a HBO word and I can't say it.
    stella rose

  13. You are on my mind. I know you will be getting more than we are. Glad you too full advantage of the melt. What is with that rooster??

  14. Glad that you had a window of opportunity to get everything squared away before the impending storm.
    I really, H8SNOW !!


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