Monday, November 18, 2013

A Random Post

This little teeny tiny 8 x 10 room is our "office".  You see the closet which does not have a door on it. 
The "organizer" shelf that holds all my scrapbooking supplies and photos. 
(not all, but the supplies at least) and a file drawer which we don't even use anymore.  

I have come up with a Plan. 

I'm going to move the scrapbooking stuff into the big bedroom (for now) because I hope to work on some books over the winter.  If not... it's going to be banished to the little Derksen building. 

I'm moving the loveseat in here, against the wall out of view to your right... and the file drawer is being pitched.  We'll put the second tv on the wall to the right of the window, or on a table there. 

This is going to be the "tv room" cum "computer room".  Keith has to sit on the end of the bed right now if he wants to watch anything but what I am watching... and he has longed for a special place where he could be comfortable. 

I think the big chair is going... but the computer, just out of sight to the left, is staying.  We'll have to see if it all fits, but I think if the shelves are out, there will be room for the loveseat.  Then I'm going to have to find a way for Abby to still see out of the window in the living room where the loveseat sits now, as she and Gertie used it to see Daddy coming in the gate every night. 

I'll wait until later this week to start moving things, as I have Paiton all day tomorrow, the youngest granddaughter on my side. 

Nancy Thellman, if you are reading this... I am SO SORRY. 

So is Lilly, I'm sure.  Deep down. 


Neighbor Kathy's front porch.  


Mushrooms?  In November?  Really?

The henspa flock is still working the garden beds for me, as well as the compost heaps.  I can see getting them out during gardening season next year is going to take some thinking... but I do want to let them out for an hour or so a day.  Right now, I turn them out at 4, when I put the goats up, and Lilly in. 

This big guy... he has done a little better these last few days since I doubled his pain meds.  Every morning, as long as we have had him, he has come out on the porch and barked.  Here he is doing it this morning... he barked at the llamas for four years, and has barked at the goats since we got the first two in May.  It's just a Ranger thing. 

To his right, there is a farmhouse table with an enamel top that I bought at a sale over the weekend.  I have a purpose for it.  I'm not telling. 

(It's going into the storage building right now to be kept nice and clean before goats decide to use it). 

Hmmm. This is the south end of a west-moving Peacock that was in the road as I passed by our neighbor's, Roxanne at Screamin' Oaks Dairy.  There were two out there. 

I could not get them to stop for a second. 

I wanted to show you this because every day on Facebook I get "Warbler Calls" which is HERE.  
It features pictures of beautiful birds, and common birds, taken by professional and amateur photographers, and it is really an interesting post daily.  I wanted to let you all know about it if you had never heard of it. 

I had to go to the bank this morning, and ran into True Value to get another hose nozzle... (don't ask, Keith).  As long as I was there, I ran into Goodwill for a minute. 

My gosh, folks. 

This beautiful old organ...I would buy it just to save it!


Detail of the keyboard, and if you biggify, you will see that the stops are labeled with their "sounds". 


If you look back at the first picture, there is a pedestal on either side of the organ... I am guessing these were for lanterns of some kind... or candles.  

I would buy it just to take care of it, or donate it. 

I just may.  I did try the lid, and it still slid smoothly down over the keyboard, so some one loved this organ. 

And now, friends, I must go out and do some chores here at our own little place, and think about the music that must have delighted people who heard this organ in it's prime. 



  1. Oh I loved this post, I think your little room is about the size of our little bedroom that we now sleep in, since we did the family/diningroom thing. I bet it will look and work just great when you get it done. I showed you a picture of our family room today and it used to be the bedroom. i had to chuckle with lily and the chicken although i know it is not funny. the piano is absolutely beautiful and big...just lovely.
    stella rose and mom

  2. Looking forward to the room transformation.
    Make sure you take some pics!

    M : )

  3. There is always "stuff" to move & "stuff" to do, is there not? I think the little desk in the spare bedroom needs yet another declutter. I feel like I could collect & declutter the whole of my life. Good for Ranger still giving a good Bark out. Enjoy your evening, Mary Ann.

  4. BEAUTIFUL organ! Glad Ranger is doing better.

  5. you must buy that organ! someone needs to save it!

  6. Too bad you can't have the organ automatically provide background music while you are working. It is gorgeous(sp?)

  7. Pain pills are wonderful aren't they? Sedona is doing so much better now that she has them.

  8. What a great idea for the room! Can't wait to see the "after" photos. :) Our hens have been enjoying working our garden beds as well. I can't believe the ground is still soft enough for them to scratch. Usually by now it's freezing every night and most days, but not this year. The organ is beautiful - and I love the thought of the music that had been played on it.

  9. The organ is beautiful. Wouldn't you like to hear the stories it could tell? Do you play?

  10. You sure do have a good camera to take all these wonderful photos for us to see!
    So many things to look at- and I think you will need lots of energy to fix that room!

  11. I must say that even the south end of that peacock is beautiful. It's been awhile since I've seen one and they are just gorgeous. Amazing what you find a good will isn't it. That old organ is a beauty. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  12. Good deal on making Keith a TV room. He'll be so happy to have a place for himself.

    Do they make a mask that you could put on Lilly Ann that would let her bark but not kill? I'm thinking of something like the grazing muzzle you can put on horses. It limits how much grass then can eat, but they can still eat some.

    She sure doesn't look sorry about it to me either.

  13. The organ is LOVELY!!! The keys must surely be ivory too! I would love to buy it- but sadly no place for it either!!

  14. The cure for your dog killing your chickens is simple, but stinky. We have 2 outdoor German Shepherds and both were killing our chickens. The Amish told me what they do,caught in the act of killing your poultry,leash the dog up, beat the leashed dog a few times with the dead chicken,so it understands you are mad and are in control of the chicken, then wire the dead chicken well around the collar of the offending dog.Unleash your dead chicken carrying dog,do not look and ignore the dog.Leave the dead chicken on that dogs neck until it rots off. (keep out of mouth range) . Do not give your dog any attention, just food and water as usual.That dog will be the smelly and offending to any other dog and animal on the farm.That dog falls to the bottom of the food chain/pack and they learn that a chicken is not to be messed with again. That dog will hide and stay away from the odor and the shame. It is messy and harsh but it truly works.I had to repeat this once for a puppy that ate the chicken on its neck. I wire wrap the carcass very well now. The collar can be washed after the punishment rots off. Now my dogs watch/protect the chickens and sleep with the chickens. This is for outdoor dogs, you do not want this trial in your house.Hope this helps you and your farm

  15. Here is the link to my dog/dead chicken problem:


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