Friday, November 8, 2013

That Was Yesterday, This is Today

That was yesterday, post doctor-visit.  Ranger is the most forgiving old guy, he lets the babies jump back and forth over him, and when he finally gets tired of it, gives a growling bark (at the air) and warns them to leave him alone.  They do. 

However, not my point. 

If you remember, Keith "fixed" the pophole by making it a little bigger the other day. 

ONE hen figured it out. 

Brava, Big Red Hen.  

The Ducks. 
Couldn't. Figure. It.Out. 
Stayed in for hours. 

"Mooooommmmmm!!!  Maaa Maaa!!!!  You forgot to open the gate to the yard!!!!"

"Hey, we can't get through that little hole!!!"  (Good!) 

It is blowing VERY hard out this afternoon, and the animals are all hunkering down.  The dogs went out for a few minutes, but decided they had better come back in. 

The birds are almost ALL hanging out inside. 

When I opened the gate to the pasture for the ducks to go out, they went out about 4 feet and hunkered down on the ground. 

Well, this was not an excuse to put a picture of the big old maple in the sun last night... but to show you that there is a widow-maker dangling.  You can barely see it in the middle, just hanging there. 
I have a feeling the winds of this afternoon are going to put it on the ground. 

And by the way, I relented and let the goats into the yard, but they are soon going back to their pen, where they can get in the barn and be safe from the winds. 

In happy news, our little friend Tweedles is out of the hospital and home with her mommies, and we are still praying for her recovery... she had a very big surgery, and has a lot of healing to do. 

Also, those of you who commented about Delilah possibly being in heat... it's funny, the wether here, Kelly, has not really paid any attention to her this week.  But when the wind blew all the leaves off the patio, I found three spots where it appeared someone had urinated, and all of them were rusty looking.  Now I'm really wondering if it was a goat or what????

I'm keeping an eye on the situation, believe me. 


  1. Fantastic pictures. Goats can be such fun.

  2. Adorable first picture!! How accepting he is of the little kids!! I understand about your lovely maple tree.
    They are absolutly lovely and when you take a picture of it to share- the yellows, reds and oranges aren't as vivid as in real life! Then when the wind blows - it's raining leaves!! Love the fall!!

  3. Hope the winds die down, I hate those branches that are balanced so precariously. For your piece of mind I hope it came down but without damage to anyone or anything. Have a nice weekend :-)

  4. Mary Ann,

    Now that is one smart chicken, I bet it loved being on the other side by it's self.

    The winds have been blowing here pretty good the last several days. Today it was calm, we ended up cutting trees down to prevent problems.

  5. We are suppose to get that wind tomorrow. The temps are gonna drop down to 29 I think tonight.


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