Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday's Child

That would be Winnie. 

Yesterday, when Paiton was here... I heard her say "Grandma, there's a goat on your car".  
She said it very matter-of-factly.  I laughed and thought she was kidding. 

Through the kitchen window. 

I stepped out the door to ummmm call her to get down.... and down she came.  And of course, everyone stampeded towards the door to see if there were any Ritz crackers available. 

I am NOT encouraging this. 

Good gravy Gert. 

Chubby....errr Abby, has been helping me do chores the last few days.  I need to say here that I take the dogs out BEFORE I let the goats out, as we do not need Delilah going after any of them, including Lil. 
I also kept her away from Paiton. 

I encourage Abby to get out with me so she gets some exercise, which she sorely needs. 

 She loves to drink the ice cold well water out of the duck pond. 

Hi, Reddy!

Reddy is one of my pets, and will always live here.  She is about 4, and used to live in the feed room with Butch in the old henhouse.  She is no longer laying, but a favorite of mine. 

Here is Lil, very still, on point, after the storm this morning. 

And there she goes, digging up the mole she was pointing!

I need to stop here and talk about Lil and the dead chicken from two days ago. 

Over the course of her seven years, Lil has made it clear that she doesn't tolerate chickens in her yard. 
I am not emotionally attached to MOST of the chickens (though I have my favorites and I take very good care of all of them) and Keith and I always considered that any chicken that flew over the fence was fair game. 
We aren't selling eggs, or eating our chickens, so if we do lose one once in a while, well... it's second nature for Lil.  She is too fine a companion and The Protector of Us All, to censure her very much. 
I did take her chicken away from her the other day... and dispose of it where she couldn't smell it. 

I unhitched the cart and put the tractor away this afternoon, because we are expecting slush, rain, and snow tonight and tomorrow.  YAYYYYY.  Not. 

This old single car garage sits east of our "shop", the cement floored barn. 
It's on the list to clean up in the spring, with Chris's help. 

I put the window shade back up on our door this afternoon, and had to stand on the chair to do it. 
Look what I found above the curtain. 

Slug trails. 

Really made me feel good. 

I am going to do a story about the way I think I am going to garden next year... and am trying to get it sorted out in my head to write about it. 
I hope to have it ready in a day or two. 

Do you realize that a year ago tomorrow was Thanksgiving, so we are running late this year. 
Do you have your Christmas shopping started? 


  1. I have sewed a few gifts for the grand kids and I re-purposing an old jewelry box for one of the grand daughters. I have lost a lot of chickens over the years to our one dog and the coyotes. Doesn't matter how 'chicken' proof you make your fences, I always seem to loose a few every year.

  2. i have started xmas shopping and am about to start decorating. i have so much to do and so little time i can hardly think about it! one day at a time! i love being super busy though!

  3. I'm not ready for either!

    I do have a couple of small things for Ken
    but that is it.
    Stop by, I am posting recipes.

    M :)

  4. Mary Ann,

    I love it, a goat on top of your car. You're grand daughter must have been laughing when she seen the goat on the car.

    My dog needs to exercise too, he's has to lose 5 pounds. His problem, he likes to beg when someone has food. He's spoiled little Chihuahua.

    We are not shopping for Christmas. Our grand babies will be getting gift cards, our children are all grown. So all we may do is put up a tree with lights and enjoy a good meal. How about you, are you ready for the holidays?

  5. We really do lov e looking at all your pictures.. some of them are funny- most are beautiful.
    I think silly Abby might want to go walking in that duck pool- she sure is looking at it!

  6. Just found your blog through the Cranky Crow and will definitely be back. Love the goat on the car. That is one sure footed critter! ~Roberta

  7. You were so calm about the goat ON TOP of your car!! It is so funny!!! We wish we lived closer so we could all come over and helps you do chores, we don't have any outside chores at our house, unless you call watching dad pick up walnuts a chore. Mostly it is our mom who does the inside chores and I just follow her around everywhere until she is done and sits down.
    stella rose

  8. I was wondering when you were going to have a goat hood ornament :)

    As long as it's not upsetting you that she gets a chicken, then I guess that is what is important.

    All our beagles are FAT as in JUICY FAT.

  9. Nice to be thinking about gardening. You have plenty of time to be making plans. My Christmas gift making has been interrupted today and I watch 2 of grandchildren. Their mom and dad are at the hospital and she is having their 3rd child today. I'm waiting to hear how its going there. Then this weekend my family gets together for Thanksgiving so I'm on hold for a few days but will soon be Christmas crafting and have lots to do.

  10. They look so innocent, "Who, me, Maaa?" I always love seeing pictures of Abby helping you with the farm chores. Does she have a pair of rain boots for the snow that's coming?


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