Saturday, November 9, 2013

All Over the Place

Delilah guarding the door.  This cracks me up. 

This cracks me up, too... Keith came in and said "Did you know you forgot to put Dee in with the babies?". 

Sometimes she just doesn't want to go in when they do, and I usually let her stay out for a while. Then she realizes they are in the pen, and she's ready to go.  Maybe they pester her too much!

Nathan and his friend Jay earned some money this afternoon by picking up walnuts for me.  This is NO ONE'S favorite job, by the way. 

The little grands Paiton and Jax came over, along with Nathan, their big brother, and we all went to movies.  The  big boys saw Ender's Game, and the little ones and I saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 2. 

Paiton loves dogs. 

Can you see all the specks on the ceiling of the kitchen??? Those are LADYBUGS, the stinky kind.  There are hundreds of them in the house, and hundreds upon hundreds outside.  They were all over the porch today.  They are hiding tonight now that it is cool... but they are still out there.  UGH. 

I saw some box elder bugs out there with them, so I know they are coming on, too. 

And this is a big pile o'bark from the dying black walnut tree.  It is significant enough that it would have hurt someone if it had struck them yesterday in the high winds. 

You can see how it's falling. 

I've shown you the trunk of this tree before... it's half-dead now, and the splits in the bark are getting wider.  It's going over one of these days.  The cost to take it down was astronomical, so we are praying it does not take anyone with it when it falls. 

Yes, I made a stop in Ottawa, on the way down to get the boys.  Whew. 

It was Christmas Open House.  I'll show you my finds later. 

And finally, after the rain and high winds this week, it was good to see the rafter-dwellers out today, enjoying the balmy temps.  We now have a forecast of possible snow mixed with rain for Tuesday... so something to which we can look forward! 

I don't normally post this late, so there may not be one tomorrow.  I have to take the boys back down to Garnett, so my third trip this week will be my tiredest one. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. 


  1. Do you not have anyone who can saw it down for you, or is there no room to fall it?

  2. I can't believe someone isn't willing to take that tree down in exchange for getting the firewood! That how we got our oak firewood this year....

  3. Looks like a wonderful day there. Glad you have some helpers and some cute ones at that. That would be a back breaking job picking up all those walnuts. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. i hate lady bugs and they sure do stink. i heard that there is a huge ladybug invasion going on. that store looks so cute. can't wait to see what you bought!

  5. Oh that Christmas shop looks divine, makes me feel all festive!

  6. You have such beautiful weather at your farm! We have cold weather and rain- but today there was some sun shine.
    You dooo have lots of those lady bugs like us.. sometimes they are on the pillow and tooth brush,, and they bite in the night!

  7. We had a swarm of lady bugs yesterday afternoon when it warmed up.


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