Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Day with Paiton

Well, today is the day that Paiton got to come visit Grandma and Grandpa Yoder, 
except Grandpa had to go to work. 

(note to self... always close the bathroom door when taking pictures) 

As you can see, Paiton is pretty popular with the dogs in this family. 
Abby hopped right up there to keep her company while I was making pancakes this morning for breakfast.

I hurried through morning chores.  I usually put a piece of a flake on the little bench... yes, it's wasteful... but the goats love to stand there and pick at it.  Winnie likes hay better than the little bit of grain I give them in the morning. 

There!  I JUST BARELY got the camera out of my pocket in time to catch these guys going overhead! 
We have seen far, far less geese here this year than ever before, even in spring and fall when we normally see thousands.  These guys were low, and I just could not get the camera out as they were overhead.  I was so glad to see them. 

I had planned for two weeks, once I knew that Paiton was coming today, to do something special with her. 
You know it takes a bomb blast to get me out and about... so I planned to take her to the American Girl store at the Oak Park mall, in the next county over. 

Have you ever been to American Girl? 

Whew.  Very nice.  
We didn't stay in there long, though. 
The dolls are 110.00, and there is a doll for every little girl, dark, light, brunette, blond, black hair... red hair... and accessories for every kind of lifestyle you can imagine.
They were wonderful, but you know where we had the best time? 

(sorry for the blur) 

Build a Bear Workshop! 

I have never been in it before, and neither had Paiton.  
She picked out a penguin, whom she neamed Princess... and we picked out a cute little party dress for her. 
She stuffed her and put a heart in her... and then we named her, got her birth certificate and we looked around at all the other clothes and stuff we could get for her. 
But... unlike American Girl, it was all so kid friendly and fun.  

Paiton still loves stuffies. 

There were many other characters at Build a Bear, including My Little Pony, which she loves. 
So many Christmas ideas! 

We also stopped in the Disney Store, and I was stunned to see that there were many toys there that were very affordable.  

I also liked the clothes, though we didn't buy any. 

We did ride the carousel. 

When we got home, I got Paiton settled inside and then took the dogs out for a bit.  I hurried to do the duck water and the pond.  I noticed NO chickens for a few minutes, and then up popped the heads.  I believe there was probably a predator overhead just before I went out, and they were all hiding, because little by little, they showed themselves.  I only saw two of the Elvi. 

Once I let the goats out, I don't do the inside chicken chores on either side, as the goats can push the doors open and come in.  I just hate to lock the goats up so early, as they have only been out for an hour. 

Abs helped me do chores, and you can almost not tell Abby from the leaves, they are so much the same color. 

Paiton is due to go home in an hour or so, so I am going to hold off doing evening chores until she has gone with her Daddy. 

We had such a fun day... and I will tell you something she had the most fun with... in my dresser, I had a sack of farm animals that I have had since I was a little girl.  I got them out this morning, and she played with them for almost two hours quietly. 

After my own heart!


  1. You just never know what kinds of things they will like do you? Mine, like to look at a old button jar instead of toys. I am glad you enjoyed your day so much and her little penguin is so cute! It will always be special to her!
    stella rose's momma

  2. Adorable little princess. We love your farm

  3. so glad you had a fun day with your beautiful grand daughter!

  4. Sounds like you two had a grand

    She's a cutie!

  5. Sounds like she had a blast today. I've never been in the American Girl store, but I did buy one of the dolls for my daughter years ago. That hurt the bank that Christmas. My 13 year old son still loves his stuffed animals and still sleeps with his "lovie" that I bought when I was pregnant with him. His voice may be cracking and he may be growing like a weed right now, but my little boy is still in there.

  6. Mary Ann,
    How precious is your grand daughter, Paiton. You know she loved just being with you, and playing with your bag of animals and her new stuffed build a bear penguin. I've heard of the American Girl store, and figured it was expensive. I think if I had a choice the build a bear store would be much more fun.

    Enjoy your sweet angel :-)

  7. What a sweetheart she is! I love Princess the Penguin! So nice to have a girls' day out and then go home to be with the animals. It's easy to see that Abby loves Paiton.

  8. Paiton is such a pretty little girl! Oh we know she had a good time visiting your farm,, and all the animals- and going shopping and all that fun stuff! Good times!

  9. What a great day you had with the adorable Paiton.

    Years ago on a trip to Chicago from Ireland I visited an American Girl store.

    I was amazed by the dolls but shocked by the prices!!!

  10. Oh what a blessed day for both of you ! Paiton is precious ( I am sure you know that ) and a day doing almost anything with her, even sticking around Calamity Acres, would be a good day.

  11. Looks like you both had a wonderful day. One packed full of things to do for sure! Never a dull moment for you there on the farm.

  12. My kids loved build a bear when they were young - the picking out of the heart, watching the stuffing fluff them up... and then ooooh, the decisions about the OUTFIT. :-)

    When my chickens are hiding I know I just missed a hawk. Once I had a dead chicken in the driveway - ugh - and the hens were across the road in the neighbors bushes.

  13. I'm glad she had a fun visit. I know pawpaw wished he could have been there.

    She's a real cutie.

  14. Oh, what a fun time together!
    It's pretty special that she gets to build memories with you.

    Warm wishes...

  15. What a fun Grammy - love Build a Bear! I know all too well how expensive American Girl dolls canbe - ugh!

    Glad that you had a special day together,

  16. Grand babies are so special!!! Building memories with her is priceless!


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