Sunday, November 3, 2013

O You Naughty Goats!

They look so innocent. 

Delilah has established herself as the Queen Mother, as I knew she would.  There are four bowls, but the "twins" usually eat together.  

That's okay, because they don't need lots of goat chow.  It's a treat, really. 

These are the Walmart mums I planted in the barrel planters that held the beautiful red, white and blue petunias all summer. 

They are just starting their blooms, too. 

Well, they were. 


I feel like Delilah here, simultaneously butting her head on the porch rail and scratching her side. 

(She butted the door one minute after this and Keith burst out laughing... but really... I'm discouraging this and she was scolded) 

There goes the scarecrow.  I found it out in the yard fifteen minutes ago, they had dragged it off the deck and it is pretty much destroyed.  Good gravy. 

And this is one of the pumpkins out in the garden! 

Joking aside, the goats will only be in the yard another day or so.  Keith is going to enlarge the pophole he made for the henyard in the pasture, so that the ducks can get in and out faster, and I can close the gate to the henyard, and at that point, the goats are banished to the pasture except for a visit to the yard once in a while.  I can't have them in there while the garden is growing in the spring, after all.  I don't mind a visit once in a while, but they will be living east of the fenceline starting sometime this week. 

We had an interesting first week with Delilah... and I thought for a short time on Friday we might not be able to keep her... she is going after Lilly constantly.  However, so far she has not threatened either Ranger or Abby, and Lil is agile enough to stay out of her way.  She was completely bewildered a week ago when her world turned upside down, but I took it as a good sign yesterday when I put the babies back in the pen in the afternoon, and she ran to keep up with them, and wanted in, too. 

Good for her. 

I can see a depression in the straw where she has been sleeping UNDER the sleeping bench, and snuggled down deeply. 

Having a little mouthful of goat minerals... 

"Who, ME, Maa Maa????" 

Prayers requested again for little Tweedles, who has grown much sicker since yesterday.  She is on oxygen at the specialty hospital, and being treated for worse pneumonia.  Our hearts go out to her mamas. 


  1. They only look innocent for a minute. :) A closer look and I can see how feisty they really are.
    Dotti :)

  2. The little darlings! You can't stay mad at them for long, I'll bet. Especially the little ones. Never a dull moment with them in the yard.

  3. I have a strict "No Yard Goats" policy, but there seems to constantly be an exception to that rule. Thinking of Tweedles.

  4. My goodness.. they certainly are busy little munchers.

    Thinking of Tweedles too.

  5. I seem to remember that's one of the reasons I didn't need goats. Always into something.

  6. Mom can't help it but she is cracking up

  7. I do enjoy the photos of your goats Mary Ann, but I just can't help but share my thoughts, as I have been in your situation. It really isn't worth it to keep an animal around that is aggressive and just doesn't fit in with what once was a peaceful herd. Her being larger and having horns isn't going to change and you may not be able to change her disposition. She could really hurt the smaller one internally if she were to catch her in a corner or something. It just isn't worth it. That being said, I will stay tuned to see how things go. I wish you the best - you know that.

  8. Cool! I love goats, but not sure what I could with their ravenous nature on a daily basis. But they are so cute and full of attitude!

  9. Thank you for all the prayers and love for little tweedles. She feels your love-- and loves all of you so much,
    with grateful hearts,
    tweedles mommy

  10. The lady that my daughter purchased her doelings from, starting when they are kids, she trims the horns off. She told me she does that because she knows somebody who was gorged in the eye while that person was working on the goat. With that being said, goats are very personable to have around, although they are Houdinis! Love all the photos.

  11. I hope that Delilah can stay! She needs someone like you. But then, I want Lily to be okay too.

    I'm still remembering Tweedles, pulling for her.

    Mary Ann, I don't know if you know Anne of Pfamily Blog, but they lost their Roxanne yesterday, after a valiant battle with cancer. They are missing her so much.

  12. Mary Ann,

    Oh my, it sounds to me like you have your hands full!!!!
    I would watch Delilah, she maybe just waiting for the right moment when no one's looking to go after
    the little one.

    Sending prayers up for Tweedles.

  13. I think she'll continue to settle now that she's finding her place and everyone else is too LOL. They sure are cute while eating everything in sight huh? :)


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