Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Goat Problem

This would be Delilah. 
SHE is the Problem. 

She is dogging the baby again. 

I'll spare you the view of her mounting. 
Goat friends, this is accompanied by her tongue dangling, and constant grunting a particular sequence over and over.  I'm afraid she'll hurt the baby, she is so much heavier.  The baby has taken to hiding under the feeder in the goat pen to get some rest. 
Tonight we are to go down to 7 degrees... very, very cold for this early in the season... and I want all of the goats to get some rest and be warm. I'll put Dee in the feed room with Butch if I have to. 


Yesterday's fiasco... I had a sack of cat litter out on the porch for use on ice. 
Kelly is pictured here, but I think it was Delilah that did it.  I haven't even found the sack yet!

Again, the goats will be in the pasture permanently, as soon as the babies can't fit through the gate opening into the chickenyard.  I hope that's soon. 

The pump at the henspa was frozen this morning.  It was frozen last night, too... I had to pour some hot water on it.  I'll dry it off today as much as I can so I don't have to take hot water out in the morning. 

A lot of the chickens were glad to stay inside.  This is the heated waterer in the henspa... there is none in the old henhouse.   I have to dump the water in there out overnight, so that I can refill them with warm water in the morning.  I may go ahead and get another heater base next week for that side. 

 The ducks are so grateful for fresh water this time of year. 

Because their pool is ice and slush, unusable. 

The sun is out today, but it is only 27 degrees out.  

The henspa hens and Ferdy don't care, they just want to get out for their hour every evening. 

We even had two big visitors this morning, the other was just out of camera view. 

And Michelle McMillen at Boulderneigh... this one's for you! 
I thought these "sheep hues" reminded me so very much of your beautiful Shetlands! 

These are from Design Seeds, whom I follow on Facebook. 

Stay warm tonight, everyone!


  1. She's in heat, my friend. Give her three days, she'll get over it. The little ones will dodge her until she comes back to her "normal" self. When Minerva (queen bee here) is in heat here, no one is safe, so it's just the way of the world. As to tonight, if it's dark, they settle somewhat and there's less chance of injury, as your head honcho there won't be as eager to beat on anyone. At least, that's been my experience. The darker it is, the "quieter" they all are.

    Just my two cents!! Good luck!

  2. I concur completely with Jocelyn above. You know, you could have her bred, 5 or so months of peace!

  3. Brrrr...7 degrees is cold! Is it windy too? We're feeling a cold front coming through here too...draining water lines in the barn tonight for the first time this year. That's nice you have heated bases for your chicken water. I'd imagine it saves a lot of work in the mornings. As for Delilah...what about getting her "fixed" ?

  4. It so very cold and we worry about all your animals! And its such hard work carrying heavy buckets of water, and we worry about you too.
    I know a goatie that needs to learn some manners!

  5. It must be so hard taking care of animals when it is that cold. I can't imagine. I wish my Mom was alive, I would call her and ask her about your goat problem she had a huge flock of them so I am sure she must have had the same problems.
    Stay warm,

  6. Mary Ann,

    My family set a heat light outside over their well pump to help prevent it from freezing, it's work for 5 years now. I don't know if you can do this where your pump is located, it's just a thought.

  7. Thank-you; I LOVE those sheep colors (both sheep and paint strips)!

  8. Cold here too at 19 degrees here this morning. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday

  9. Your goats sure keep us entertained, sounds like Delilah is feeling fruity! Hope she calms down soon.... for the baby's sake! Stay warm and well :-)

  10. uh oh, did they eat the bag?

    wonder if putting a 5 gallon bucket over your pump would help
    we wrap our porch facets with a big towel

  11. Definitely in heat. Some goats will do that every time they come into heat, or she might settle down as they are together longer. It's not likely (but not impossible) that someone will get hurt.


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