Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do As I Say, Don't Do as I Do, Part Two

Well, there it is, friends.  

The pump whose handle I left up in the "on" position on Monday night, the night it went to 16 degrees here. 

Yesterday at mid-morning, I went to get some water in the kitchen.... no water.  I had already done buckets, because I had left the hose hooked up and I knew I would not be able to use a hose. 

No water. 

I went out to investigate why, and found water sprayed all over the walls behind and to the side of this pump. 

I hurriedly pulled the handle down, but the pump is totally loose now, and broken. 

We have someone coming tonight to "look" at it and decide if we have to dig the whole thing up.  
This sits in front of the old henhouse, and Keith made a stall there for our pony Beau to live in (without all the junk you see, of course) while we still had our little stallion, Peppy.  This stall (or porch) has become a catchall storage place, and the bucket of Amplify on the ground is what I sit buckets on to fill them.  Uh... when the pump is working. 

Do NOT forget to turn your pumps off, i.e., lower your handles. 

Thank heavens the well pump did not burn itself out, running to try to bring up the water pressure again. 

And yes, this morning was buckets all around. 

This little girl was waiting on the porch for me, because....

This BIG girl was waiting down below.  

Dee is still dogging one of the girl babies, who I think is still in heat.  She did not want to go back in the pen with them, though, so she is "resting" in the yard.  She had had a little treat in the tupperware container, my scoop. 

I was surprised to see all the bantams in the henspa outside... enjoying the 48 degree temps this afternoon. 
We were at 18 this morning. 

As were the big girls (and boy). 

The hooligans were running just for the sheer joy of it. 

Oh, and to get under my feet while I was doing water, of course. 

They soon ended up back in their pen. 

Yesterday, I opened the little pophole in the old henyard fence, and closed the gate. 

I let the goats in the pasture. 

Remember, last week, Keith enlargened that pophole by one inch at the top and on the sides. 

We ended up with Three Little Houdinis in the henyard. 

End of experiment.  We'll have to wait until they are bigger to do that. 

However, they are excedingtly underfoot when I am trying to work in the yard, so tomorrow, we're trying something else.  I'll let the ducks out to graze early, and when they go back in the henyard, these guys will go OUT with access to the henyard closed off.  They can stay out for a few hours, browse, get some exercise... and then when they go back in, the ducks/chickens can rotate out again.  We'll just have to do that for a while until the goats are a little bigger and can't get through the pophole. 

And... there goes the raffia tail of the Thanksgiving wreath.  I KNOW I took a picture of that whole wreath, but can't find the darn thing on the computer.  (Keith will laugh at that). 

I'll be sure to take pictures of the examination of the pump as soon as the man gets here... and give you the (hopefully good news) tomorrow. 

I know I'm behind on reading blogs... I'm trying to get caught up, truly!


  1. Ugh...water woes. I feel for you! Hopefully it won't be a complicated and costly fix. Those "hulligans" are so cute! Love their faces as they come running!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about that darn pump and of course right around the holidays!!!! Darn it!!
    stella rose's momma

  3. bummer about the water! it's too funny how all of your decorations get eaten!

  4. You shouldn't have to dig that up. If water was spraying, it never froze below ground. The upper part, the handle, can easily be repaired or replaced. Usually, it is just a matter of adjusting one nut where the rod passes into the pipe. All it needs is a couple of turns with a wrench. Good luck!

  5. I agree with the comment above. I think this is pretty common and hopefully an easy fix. Always something isn't it!

  6. Mary Ann,

    Good advice from The Dancing Donkey. This should help you.

  7. There's always something, isn't there? Hopefully it is an easy fix as some suggested.

    Love watching the animals caper about the yard when the weather changes. Wouldn't you like to be so carefree?

  8. No water is the worst. My husband says he would have a lot less irritation if we got rid of our goats.

  9. I wonder what the well dr is going to say.... we hope good news

  10. Being a city girl I don't have to worry about the well but here were do have outdoor water lines that have to be shut and drained so they don't freeze. My hose has been put away for a few weeks now. No more outside water here for the winter. It is very different on a farm though when you have critters to water regularly. You do keep busy there. I enjoyed the pictures as always!

  11. What an extra burden that is to have pump not working. I can't count the times I've forgotten to turn the water off after watering the garden. Luckily, that's done for the year. Hope the news isn't too bad.

  12. Those stinkers for getting where they are not suppose to and eating the wreath.

  13. I woke up in the middle of the night the other night remembering that I'd forgotten to flip the breaker on our automatic waterers. The trek out to the back 20 to do so at 4:00 a.m. and 18 degrees...will help me remember next year! Wishing you good news...


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