Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Visit to the Vet

The little girls had a visit to the vet this morning, and got their second CD and T shots, and a wellness check. 
Their poop was deemed worm-free! 

Dr. LaRosh and his assistent, Ryko... with Winnie.  
Ryko is a man of few words with people, but we notice he exudes confidence and gentleness with the animals. 

Both babies got a well-baby check, and a fecal float.  Well.. one fecal float. 

Winnie weighed 24.6 pounds, and Windy, 26.1 pounds. 

Keith was able to take time out from his work day to help me, so it was easy to pop them in the carrier and take them the two miles to the clinic. 

Goat friends, this concerns me.  It appears to be bloody urine, on our patio. 
Ick factor aside, bloody urine is NOT a good thing.  Is it also an indicator of a goat in heat? 
I'm thinking Delilah, from the copious amount. 

I did mention it to Kori, Dr. LaRosh's nurse, and found out that Dr. LaRosh still does outcalls for farm animals, which I did not know.  We are but two miles, and can schedule a call here if I get really concerned about Dee.  

Your opinions? 

Ryko had to go in and out of the exam room several times (okay, someone pooped on the scale)... and you can see that the little girls were very interested in what was beyond the door! 

As we were leaving a lady brought in one of the tiniest chihuahuas I have ever seen.  The poor little dog had broken it's leg this morning, she thought, in play with another chihuahua.  My heart went out to her... it was truly a teeny, tiny dog and I hope it is okay. 

Here's our beautiful girl this morning... you can see the sun has come back, and the skies are blue again. 
It was cold this morning, and is warming up to 60 today, for mild temps for a few days and then getting cold again next week.  

And it's a comfort to see the henspa flock out enjoying themselves. (and cleaning up some of the sunflower seed!) 

I wait every year to see this gorgeous tree at the foot of our hill, just beyond the Spehar's big ponds.  Isn't it just beautiful?  I fear we will have total leaf fall by this weekend,s o these scenes are soon to disappear for another year.  How grand it is to be alive! 


  1. It could also just be discolored urine, which can be from a lot of things including something they ate (not bad.) Also does in heat can have blood, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. Gad the girls checked good! And that you have a good Vet who will also come to the farm if needed! Hope that Chi is OK!

  2. Glad your babies got a clear bill of health. Love the tree! What kind is it?

  3. If she is acting ok otherwise I would wait a few days and see.

  4. I second everything Luckybunny said. Delilah's behavior of a few days ago are all signs of being in heat. Urine also often appears dark like that with heat cycles. I would guess that the sudden transition and exposure to your buckling made her come into a very strong heat, it will all subside.

  5. I love see pics of these goats - they make me smile!

  6. I'm thirding what was said! Keep your eyes open, but I think it's a heat as well.

    They are too cute!

  7. my husband and i visited the vet the other day without teddy. she refused to get in the car. that was a strange trip!

  8. Those little girls are having fun exploring the exam room! I'm glad you've found a vet that is close, and that you like!

  9. I do hope everything is ok and all is well there, but that would be a concern. There are very few trees of color left here, but thankfully still a few. It's wonderful that they all have such different colors and times of changing too. It'd be sad if they all dropped there leaves at one time. Enjoy your warmer days. It's cold here and for just a few minutes I got to see the sun rise this morning. Now it is clouded over again. The 'S' word was mentioned in our forecast. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  10. ......the hazzards of the vet clinic....plenty of paper towels

    it got pretty cold last night here

    have a happy weekend.

  11. Love the well-baby visit :-). Not sure on discolor. How long had it been there before you saw it? If it had been awhile, it may have discolored in contact with the concrete maybe?

  12. Mary Ann,

    How wonderful, your baby girls are healthy. I love the picture of both standing at the door waiting for Ryko.
    When you asked the doctor about Delilah's actions to he make any indications it was related to being in heat? Did he give you symptoms? I looks to me like the urine is all related, if it continues I would place a call to the Vet to come and make a health check on Delilah.

    I see what you mean about the how pretty the area is at the foot of the hill, beautiful picture.

  13. Oh my dawg how cute! I never saw a goat at the vets

  14. Autumn has that singular ability to make our hearts soar with praise and gratitude, doesn't it? I'm having the same reaction many times a day.

  15. Mom wants rocko's job! Hers would love it. Hope everything is well with that urine, such cute little goats!!
    stella rose

  16. Thanks for taking us along too the vet and for the poop chuckles.

  17. I don't think that is normal at all, but the vet can't be called for until you know who it came from. I would be watching everything on the place go pee for a few days, goats and dogs.

  18. What a beautiful tree and view. Interesting post!


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