Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Good to Be Queen and Chicken Tales

It's so good to be Queen.  However, the minions got most of the feed. 

On her throne. 

While Abby was inside barking her head off at the babies, who had snuck in when Keith tried to leave to fix the pasture pophole. 
Where was Kelly? 

On the table on the porch, funny that you ask! 

This is a golden hen from the big henhouse.  In this house there are now only 3 birds laying, this lovely girl and two red hens. 

Here is one, next to Chatterbox, the Ameracauna that has not laid now in two weeks. (and I think is finished). 

The third one is missing. 

I took my Helper and looked around in the pasture for her, to no avail. 

I'm not sure if they were all there this morning, as the birds are slow to come out now. 

I did disturb a red hen in the goat feeder this morning when I added hay.  She flew out, and I left her pecking around in the goat pen.  Is it the one that's in rafters tonight?  That means the other hen has been missing since yesterday or maybe Saturday.  

I got only one chicken egg today out of the old henhouse, and only two duck eggs. 

This beautiful young red New Hampshire, and the Barred Rock behind her came from Juniper Hill.  They are just lovely young birds, see their bright red wattles and combs? 

These two hang out together all the time, and sleep right there on the edge of the top of the nest box. 

This little girl also came with them, but she does not look as young.  She's very petite and pretty, no? 

I have Speedy, the Olde English Gamebird rooster in the other henhouse, and I think they would make some beautiful babies.  Maybe in the spring. 

You two are NOT making any babies!

We are expecting rain tomorrow, most all day. 

I am driving to Iola, to meet Joyce, the lady who so kindly sent me The Ponies Next Door two weeks ago, and with whom I having lunch.  Then back through Garnett, to see the oldest grands' mom who happens to be off tomorrow, and drop some things off for them. 

I'll be gone most of the day, so I made sure there was plenty of fresh hay in the goat barn and in the outdoor feeder, and the water bucket is full.  I think if it is raining most of the day, the four goats will stay in their barn where they are snug. 

Keith did enlarge the pophole today (thank you, Honey) and we'll give it a shot on Wednesday, to see if the ducks can get through easily... and the babies CAN'T get through.  Then I can leave the goats loose in the pasture while I'm here to keep an eye on them.  I think if something did get the third red hen, it came from the sky... and I don't think that predator can lift the goats. 

Our little friend Tweedles had a very hard surgery today, and two lobes of her lung were removed.  Everyone please cross fingers and paws that she comes out of this and comes home to her mommies, who are so worried. 

Also... we've added JAZ at October Farm on our sidebar... I  think if you don't know her, you'll really enjoy reading her!  


  1. Our friends- Tweedles would love to be sitting here right now - looking at all the photos of the chickies and goats and Abby,
    because that what she likes to do.
    But right now we take a moment to thank you for being a blessing in our life- a friend who stays close. Thankyou for the love you give to Tweedles and we - her moms.
    Keeping paws crossed for a good recovery from surgery

  2. Hi
    Love hearing about your Farm and seeing your pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    Sarah x

  3. you goats sure are cute! i hope the missing hen shows up! you rain will be here on thursday. thanks for adding me to your sidebar!

  4. Have fun with your friend.

    Prayers sent to Tweedles.

    Those table too high.

  5. The goats look so happy! My chickens have really cut down on the eggs too. I'm not ready for this time of year.

  6. Those goat pictures are so funny we just loves them!!
    stella rose

  7. Haha I love that first picture, it says a lot!! LOL

  8. I always enjoy my visits. Your goats are just fantastic as always. I do hope you don't loose any more chickens. Have a nice day.


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