Thursday, November 14, 2013

Me, Trying to do Chores

Get off the mower, babies!!!!

You see that the Duck Pond Express is back on duty.  I'm carrying water from the hose spigot on the side of the house to the henyard. 

I'm filling the pool... stop laughing, everyone.  I won't be doing this but another few days, as this time next week we will be very cold again.  Then the ducks will have to be happy with cold water from the pump. 

To those of you who suggested pulling the pump to fix it... it's well and truly in pieces... the plumber checked, and so did Keith. DRAT.  
I got a new one today at a farm store in Bonner, and I was glad it was well under a hundred dollars. 

I'm going to help dig, so hopefully it won't be a long job for the plumber. 

I also have a leaking spigot on the side of the house, and in for a penny, in for a pound.  Keith can't handle repairs now that his shoulder is in such bad shape. 

If I start back towards the porch, it's a race to see who can get there before Maa Maa. 

The thing that is so cute is that babies love to chase each other, and spend time rocketing up onto the deck, running from the east stairs (here) to the south stairs of the deck, down the steps in a leap, around the yard, and back up this way.  Joie de vivre, for sure. 

Until it's nap time.  

I keep stopping to take pictures.  This is Chatterbox, the only Ameracauna I have, who is no longer laying now.  She is in the heaviest moult I have ever had a bird go into, and looks positively sick... but it's the moult.  No tail, no wing feathers, and her neck... my goodness!  I've been trying to get a picture of her for three days, but she moves SO fast. 

And Buffy the Polish Girl was standing like a statue under the tarp in the old henyard.  She doesn't go outside too often, but was out there walking around in the sun this afternoon. 

Our Big Guy was keeping his eye on the Hooligans this afternoon.  He is having an increasingly harder time getting around, and his mobility is lessening by the day now.  We don't know how long we'll have him with us, but we talked again today, and we won't let him suffer.  His hind end is about gone, and he tore an ACL in his left hind leg a year ago, so the side is very weak and now almost unable to hold him up.  He can get up the east porch steps, but can no longer get up the steps to the deck from the south.  
I've got him on a double dose of Tramadol now to keep him comfortable.  What a wonderful old boy he is. 

I know I'm late getting caught up on your blogs... I'll get around to them all, I promise!


  1. Love reading about the antics of your goats. They are soo funny. Wish I had my own. Sorry about your pup. I take the same pain medication as he does. It helps for sure, but not always. I know how hard a time this is for you when thinking about him. ((hugs))

  2. I do not know how you keep your chickens straight cos mom can't even keep us or the grandmonsters are one talented lady!
    stella rose

  3. I thought only cats could take ownership of a household like this! Now I know that goats do it too.

  4. Those babies are so sweet I could just hug them. Do they let you do that? I'm so sorry that Ranger's aches and age are getting so hard on him. Do you have a big dog heat pad for him inside for sleeping? We just bought one at the Co-op for our big Pyrenees/lab mix. He sleeps inside the smokehouse in a big doghouse and the pad should help a lot. I just showed R.H. your babies' pictures and he said he always wished we'd had some in our younger days.

  5. Big Guy is such a beautiful animal and I absolutely love the babies.

  6. Mary Ann,

    Your babies are adorable, they just want to go for a ride Mom, lol

    I love your big guy, he's on the same meds I take for pain for my arthritis.

  7. You are one busy lady! Hope the plumber gets things fixed up quickly so you don't have to carry water so far. Those buckets are heavy and don't want you getting down in the back/shoulder or whatever! Your little helpers don't lift much except your/our spirits. As always love seeing your pictures. Sorry Ranger is feeling the effects of age.

  8. We are in much the same place with our Sedona. Tonight she is not doing well, having trouble walking and no appetite. I know she's an old dog, and I will let her go when its time, but I sure hope she bounces back. I'm not ready to say good bye.

  9. Your goats are so cute. We had a gs who got down at the was so sad.

  10. Doing the watering there is quite a chore for you. But also a delight as all your critters bring some joy to each day too. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  11. I think the girls will make very good helpers, BOL

  12. Can't help but smile at the goats. I know you are thankful for every day with your old friend. I enjoy seeing his pics on Facebook.

  13. I had to stop for a minute to see the goaties and stuff- but now going to bed early
    nitey nite


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