Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too Cold for Early November

18 degrees this morning, and yes, the hoses are frozen.  I didn't think to take the henhouse hose down last night, and am going to try to do it in a few minutes so I can at least carry water from the pump, and not the house as I did all morning! 

Yes, my beloved duckies are going to have to have some dirty water today. 

This is one of the smaller fortexes this morning, you can see that the water froze pretty well.  I brought water to the goats first, and then carried a couple of buckets to the henyard. 

The ducks began to quack as soon as they heard me.  I didn't have quite a full bucket of water for them, so I dumped the ice and poured in as much as I could.  

The waterers inside are frozen, too... but just around the bases.  

I have one heater left... it's in the henspa, and I connected it this morning as we have another cold night coming tonight. 

I have extra waterers, and I filled those this morning for the hens in the old henhouse. 

The ducks have a full fortex in the pasture too, where you see the bucket in the background.  The problem is, it's going to wear me out going back and forth, so I have got to get the hose loose. 

I think you can just barely tell, but mist was coming up off the ponds this morning, and it was really very beautiful out in the cold. 

Because of the mist and the winds the last two days, most of the birds had stayed inside... but this morning, Speedy was out, bright and early! 


I'm behind with reading everyone's blogs, and hope to get caught up this evening... forgive me.  I miss knowing what's going on on all of your places!


  1. We've got frozen water here too. Makes chores so much harder. It helps if it warms up a little on the afternoon. Glad I don't have ducks to try to keep happy.

  2. Nice pictures of a COLD morning. And I hated feeding the cats and getting in a cold car to go to work. I didn't go out at noon and when I came out to a cold car this afternoon to go home I thought, "I'm ready to retire right now!" I think the cold hit us hard because the temperature is half as warm today as it was yesterday, 60 to 30 or less!

    Loved your new header too.

  3. and all of these years i thought decorations were just decorative and not tasty! 22 tonight here!!!

  4. Speedy is probably eating frozen bugs- and the ducks too!
    The mist on the pond is gorgeous - but ohhh it looks so cold.
    And carrying those water buckets is hard work---
    You already have a very cold winter-- burrrr
    beautiful photos!

  5. It's supposed to be 20 degrees here tonight. I used to LOVE this kind of weather. These days, it's too cold for my old bones.

  6. I'm not ready for this cold weather and I don't have outside chores to do! I hope you get the watering fixed without having to carry buckets so much. Take care and stay warm! Your header photo is pretty...love those pretty fall leaves!

  7. We have snow and 26 degrees here this morning. Speedy is a brilliantly feathered guy for sure. What a great picture. Seems you don't have much hope there for your decorations with the goats liking to eat them. I too think it is to early to be this cold, but then what do I have to say about it? Not much for sure. Keep warm!

  8. Ok, I won't complain it's freezing at 62 degrees

  9. At least we were not that cold this morning.

  10. Oh my; nothing that cold here yet, and maybe for a long time yet! Your new header photo is stunning, as is the one of the mist and light beams over the pond. And I think you need to stop calling those outdoor things "decorations" and just say it like it is – goat treats!

  11. Wow, your weather really goes through extremes quickly. I so enjoy reading about daily life in far away places and experiencing these things 'with' you! Our weather here tends to be wet with a little heat in the summer and a little snow in the winter and basically rain in between - gotta love England :-)

  12. Mary Ann,

    I love your new header, it's beautiful with all the colors in the leaves.

    It got pretty cold here too last night in the high teens and low 20's. This afternoon it has warmed up to 49 degrees.
    Were suppose to continue warming up the rest of the week, and then next week hit those real low temperatures again.

  13. Speedy is gorgeous! I wonder if he (she?) would sit on your Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece?


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