Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Doesn't YOUR furnace man do your driveway? 

Early this afternoon, snow fell from the maple tree over the deck and landed on a female junco, a tiny little bird.  As I opened the door, all the other birds flew off, but the little junco stayed here, hunched over.  
(The snow was melting). 
I picked her up and carried her in, and we took her in the bedroom.  Keith went out and found a little cage that some chickens had come in, brought it in, and we folded a rug and put it in it, and put her in.  She promptly flew out and loose in the bedroom.  We gave her time to calm down, and Keith, God bless him, managed to move the furniture she had flown behind, open a window... and reach over and lift her gently outside.  He opened his hand, and she flew away.  

Thank heavens he took the shadecloth down, this snow was much heavier than last week's, and would have torn it, we think.  The hens in this house had clear ground until this morning. 

I don't know if you can see them, but where the blue bucket is, I have dug a trail to the old henhouse, and to the right, to the henspa, so that this girl can do her chores.

 I have never in my life had such a plucky little dog.  

The snow stopped around 2, and there was some melting happening, as it got up above 32.  I actually went out and opened the pophole in the henspa, but the hens took one look (even after I shoveled their deck) and decided that the deep snow (see picture above) and the hanging shadecloth was not for them. 

Right now, at 5:43, the second wave of snow (another 1 to 2 inches) is coming down.  We are hoping that's all we're to get out of this round of storms, that featured lightening this morning for an hour. 

I'm tired.  

I have one more thing to do.. .put some feed out for the fox... and then I'm in PJs for the rest of the night! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Looks like good weather to curl up with a book if you can! Our chickens won't go out in the snow either...even if it's above freezing. They'll go out in the rain, but white stuff?? No way! :)

  2. I suppose all that white is just a little too strange for them.

  3. Oh my. That's a good bit of snow. Glad to hear you could help out the junco. My chickens never care to walk in snow.

  4. My parents got 19 inches of snow yesterday -- in Amarillo, TX! I'm glad some drought-striken areas got needed moisture, but it would have been nice to spread it out a little, hmmm?

  5. Glad the little junco was okay.
    It's snowing hard here, hope it doesn't come your way next.

  6. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have that much snow. It's so pretty but I know it means so much work for you. That path you dug is impressive, my friend!

  7. You certianly have your share of snow and our snow (what little that we ever get)!! Has to be difficult on the animals looking for food, trying to find a place to go to the bathroom and just to get out and stretch!!

  8. Your world is showing more of its beauty! The snow is beautiful- and this experience is making new memorys. I am happy the little birdie got okay and flew away,

  9. looks really romantic, but I understand the hard work involved in getting through the snow. Sorry to ask, but why are you feeding a Fox?

  10. Snowy days tend to wear me out too. I don't like shoveling and being cold. Still we have the month of March to get through here. Some of our biggest snows have happened in March. At least it's closer to Spring so I have hope. Take care and keep warm!

  11. Oh I do feel for you, have been going through similar lately. My chickens are ready to fly the coop South, and our miniature horses have strapped on ice skates!

  12. Your place looks like our place...we are so glad you saved the little bird!!! Have a great day!
    stella rose and mags

  13. whew, I hate all that snow for ya'll.

    I couldn't stand it.

  14. My, so many folks are getting so much snow. It is pretty and I know many need it badly, but I must say I can do without it! We are expecting "possible flurries" Friday morning. I am so anxious to get in the garden I can't stand it.
    Stay warm and safe!

  15. Looks like you got hit again. It missed us the second time. The photos are excellent. Snow is so much work!

  16. How sweet that you guys saved the little junco! :)
    I hope that's it for snow for you for awhile. That's just too much at once!

  17. Goodness gracious, you have to deal with so much snow! I bet you guys are tired of it!


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