Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blown Away by the Day

My gosh, they predicted 50 mile an hour winds, and I think we have them!  Even Lilly wanted to be in today, and I don't blame her. 

I can't believe the chickens went out and stayed out most of the day! 

We continue to be very satisfied with the shadecloth over the henspa yard.  It is really standing up, despite billowing in the wind today. 

Even the geese were having trouble keeping up! 

The girls were busy laying in both henhouses. 

And I've found a black hen twice on the feed room side of the henspa... there is a gap in the chicken wire up above... now I see why she is coming over!  We can't use these eggs, though I think one is from today... so we'll hard boil them and give them to the dogs or the birds. 

Here is the flat feeder out in the garden, and as you see, there is lots of wasted seed under it... though the ground feeders eat out here daily.  Seed blows off, or they knock it off, or it gets wet and I clean it off.  I'll rake this up in another few weeks. 
Look what I found under it 30 minutes ago: 

Yee ha!!!!!  Those are sunflower seeds sprouting! 

And here, under Oscar's tree.... daffodils!

We've both seen lots of robins these last few days... can it be that spring is almost here???

We heard from Keith's sister Kim this afternoon... she and her husband, Duke, live in Wallingford, Connecticut, and Wallingford was featured on the news last night for the amount of snow received... some 32 inches!  They had power and were fine, but are very, very tired of shoveling.  We thought of them yesterday, and all those dealing with the weather this weekend... we hope they all make it through safely.  

As it is, there has just been a huge burst of wind here, so I'm going to end this and go look out and make sure things are still okay. 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Glad you guys didn't get slammed. Love the signs of spring!

  2. We had quite a bit of wind yesterday, but not as bad as you. Wow! That's a lot of eggs in that bucket!! I love to see the sprouting of will be months before I am able to enjoy that in my own yard. Happy Sunday!

  3. Lots of robins here today too. And wind and rain. But no snow. I'd like about 1/2 of what New England has.

  4. I think you've appropriately named your "henspa". I think you're chickens have the best accommodations that I've seen, to date! :) No wonder you're getting such nice eggs!

  5. It's amazing to me to see things sprouting up out of the ground! LOL :) You give me hope. We got some horrible winds too, never fun. Your chickens are safe and comfortable though, they can stil be outside and enjoy themselves!

  6. You have daffodils already? I think I need to move.

  7. We were supposed to have 25mph winds with 40 mph gusts, and cold temps. We had the wind and cold temps but skipped the gusts, for which I'm thankful.
    I envy you the robins and bulb sprouts. It will be a long time before green comes here.

  8. Ken and I were thankful that we just had to fight with the
    wild winds we had today.

    We keep seeing the news from the East and hope everyone
    will be ok. The scary part is that they are going to get
    more! Oh my!

    M :)

  9. We got a wind advisory here last evening, but it really didn't do much unless I missed it when I was sleeping. Lots of snow has melted off with some warmer temps and we too are seeing signs of Spring with the tulips starting to push up through the ground. I always love the odd sunflowers that grow from what the birds leave behind. From my window this morning I'm seeing a partly cloudy sky and the thermometer says it's 46 degrees outside. Hope you have a wonderful Monday there!

  10. We had horrible weather yesterday. Tornado's all over MS.

    My daffodils have bloomed, crazy flowers.

  11. Its so windy here that maggie told mom to just ride her broom to
    stella rose

  12. Ha! You are going to have a big sunflower garden there by your feeder! I can't believe the daffodils are trying to sprout already! It's only February for pete sake! Those winds really were crazy, weren't they?


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