Friday, February 8, 2013

Blogging and Prayer

It may seem like the title of this post is odd... but believe me, since starting blogging, I have really come to believe in the power of united prayer.  I say a simple prayer daily now... "Lord, please grant the wishes of all of my fellow bloggers today... and if You can't grant them, at least make their hearts be at peace with Your decisions"... or something along those lines.  That way, I cover everyone... grandchildren who are having operations, husbands or wives who are sick or out of work, natural disasters, etc. 

Speaking of natural disasters... I pray tonight (along with Keith, whose sister and brother in law are in it's direct path) for those who will be affected by this terrible winter blizzard that is now hitting the East Coast.  The poor people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy are now being tested again.  

I think the power of united prayer is MIGHTY. 

I have had a sore throat again, worse than the one last month, and it has caused me to feel a little puny the last few days.  I am getting some things done around the house, though, and slowly going through the boxes of things my brother in law gave me of my mother's after my sister passed away last year.  Today and yesterday I have been cleaning in the kitchen.  The top of the refrigerator... WHEW. 

I still have to do the top of the hutch!  I'm working up to it. 

Thank you for all your comments about the chickens this week.  I have not seen the coyotes for two days, but look who was the ONLY wilding on the camera last night... if you look, you can just see her on the left. 

Yes, it's the vixen... the whole reason we ever started feeding. 

I just walked down (3:50 PM) with Abby and Lilly to the bottom of the pasture to find the hole undisturbed, so she is coming in another way.  I hope the coyotes don't find it.  
Sunday after church, the dogs and I will walk the entire perimeter.  Lilly loves it, and Abby loves it too, but needs the exercise.  At least, we will if it is not raining too hard. 

Lilly saw something, I think. 

We have a sunny day here today, but are expecting some more rain over the weekend.  We are so glad.  Some of the ponds are slowly filling... but the ones that completely dried out are going to take a while.  

We are both trying to lose some weight here, and spend less at the grocery store.  While I worked, we depended on too much prepared food, and now that I am home, I am trying to cook from scratch daily.  Today, we splurged... I made this: 

NOT a weight watchers recipe. 

It is a recipe from Gooseberry Patch, called "Meatball Sub Casserole".  Oh my goodness, it is so good and creamy and tastes great.  It is much more than Keith and I can eat, of course... and I can't give it to the dogs...but we have to splurge once in a while.    You can find the recipe here and no, I wasn't compensated for this at all by the good ladies at the Patch.  It's just a good, gooey, Italian-based recipe for a winter's day. 

I have to eat food like this very carefully, because of my lap band.  I also used a Kansas City-based Italian sauce, Scimecas, for the first time, and it was VERY good.   There is good Italian bread at the base of this casserole, not that you can see it. 

We really aren't eating like this daily any more! 

Look!  There was a traffic jam at the nest boxes earlier in the henspa! 

They eventually got things straightened out. 

The Range has had three good weeks in a row.  His hind legs aren't working so well, but he is getting around okay, and does not seem to be in as much pain as he was.  

I feel safe with Ranger and Lilly at the front door... and yes, the ubiquitous buckets are still everywhere. 

Where are our treats????

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Hi Mary Ann, I also believe in the power of prayer, will pray your family stay safe......So the Vixen returned......Your dogs are beautiful, Blessings Francine.

  2. I agree, Mary Ann, that there is so much power in collective prayer and it is an honor to pray for our blooging friends. Now we need to all pray that your sore throat will go away and you can feel all better. Your dish looks delicious and we have to splurge every once in a while. That sauce sounds wonderful. I always watch for the really good Italian brands on sale at the store.

    I love the good picture of Ranger under the table.

  3. We make sure to walk our perimeter fence occasionally too. A couple of years ago, a cactus was growing right beside it and pushing the fence up and the neighbors' dogs were taking advantage, luckily never the coyotes.
    That casserole looks really good! I try to cut down recipes like that just so we DON'T try to eat it all! LOL!!
    I hope you get to feeling better!

  4. I love that prayer - it really does cover all the bases!

    Absolutely beautiful day here, and it is supposed to stay dry for several more. We are taking a 12-hour round trip this weekend in the car; so thankful for good weather instead of what we COULD experience. Sure seems like the East Coast is getting more than their share this winter....

  5. Bless you for praying for everyone :) There really is power in it. I hope you have a nice weekend - rain or not. You have nice companions.

  6. You can eat on that for a couple of days. enjoy.

  7. It's so nice that you include your blogger friends in your prayers. That makes me feel good. :)

  8. I agree about the prayers. Sometimes I receive some special prayer requests and post them on my blog. Everyone is so appreciative of it and I know there are some very powerful prayers being said too. I'll be keeping all those in harms way from that storm in my prayers. That casserole looks wonderful so I'll be checking it out. Hope that throat heals soon for you. Take care!

  9. and i believe in the powers of the paws too

  10. Always appreciate the prayers! I posted today about Phyllis - an old family friend in Indiana. She was suppose to pass last weekend and she's still hanging in there!! You can only pray - "Thy will be done!" Glad to hear your pup is better! and always - nice looking chickens!

  11. checking in from the great state of Maine... think we ended up with around 32 inches of snow... we're pretty geared to it, though it was light and so once you dug out, the wind just put it all back... kind of discouraging... but there are now peeks of sun, and tomorrow is suppose to be nice and sunny, so we'll just continue the dig out!!!! sue

  12. I don't know...I'd watch out for that chicken in the last photograph. That certainly is a 'knowing' look. hee hee

  13. I hope you feel better soon! You are right you do have to treat yourself sometimes and I think moderation is the key to everything. Enjoy things in moderation, don't take them away from yourself completely if you don't have to! Great pictures and it looks like a nice day and like spring!

  14. We've been eating less because both of our stomachs shrunk after the bout of the virus we had. Although the Redneck did end up eating at least 1/2 of a chocolate cake last night. That stinker made it for himself.


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