Saturday, February 9, 2013

At the Garden Show

I think some of you will remember that I used to take tickets at the public buildings in Kansas City, Missouri, for many years, and I also sold tickets for many shows.  One of them was the "Flower, Lawn, and Garden Show".  I loved to work this show because it fell after Christmas, in January... and I could take all my gardening catalogs with me, sit in my booth, and during lulls in the lines, my friend Lois and I would look at the catalogs and talk gardening.  On the last day, we (the ushers and ticket takers and sellers) would get to go upstairs and buy all kinds of good things from vendors who did not want to carry them out of the building.  The City of Kansas City would decorate Bartle Hall with hundreds upon hundreds of forced bulbs and small trees, etc., and it was really very spring-like and so much fun to attend.  The lines on Sunday after church would extend clear across the lobby and out onto 13th street! 

Now, it is a shadow of it's former self, and every year, there is less and less greenery.  We did attend today's show, and it is held now in conjunction with the NARI Home Remodeling Show, both at Kemper Arena now, in the Hale building.  ( I worked at Kemper for 16 years part-time).  But Keith and I have attended it for the past six years or so, because we like to see the vendors and get ideas. 

We are considering some long-term projects, so Keith really wanted to talk to a few contractors, which he did get to do. 

I was taking pictures: 

Here's Josh Temple, star of DIY's Home Crashers... he talked about how they pick those whose homes are going to be crashed, and some of the funny things that happened during the crashes.  Ahmed Hassan from Yard Crashers was also there, but I did not get to hear him speak, as we were getting ready to go at that point.  I really like Ahmed.  I really would like my yard crashed!  

Here's Keith checking out a safe room being sold at the show.  They showed three different sizes... and seemed to be very strong.  We are considering putting a room addition onto the back of the house, and if we do... we will definitely install a safe room in it. 

Hmmmm I just realized it's always ME taking pictures of Keith.  This was a nifty building, built by a company in Richmond, Missouri.  The package COULD include windows, door, and porch... it was a "cabin style" and you know what?  It was a nice little building that with the bells and whistles was 4200.00.  I did not manage to step back a few steps and get a whole picture of it, porch and all.  It was 12 x 18, so I have an idea of what my greenhouse is going to be size-wise (10 x 18) 

They had a nice little barn, too. 

This was in the display by the Kansas City Water Garden Society.  What do you suppose that dragon would set you back?  I know you can't see it in this picture, but there was a rail running around it. 

And only one engine on the railway.  

This is kind of a neat idea, if you have money to burn... a table with water, lit up with lights in your garden. 

Van Liews always has a nice display, and they featured Fairy Gardens this year.  I'm starting to think about that great big green pot I bought at WalMart. 

There are very few booths that actually feature flowers anymore, but this array in whites, pinks and purples was presented by Powell Gardens, a public arborateum on the Missouri side where Keith and I have gone several times.  It's a beautiful place, full of great gardening ideas. 

It was nice to come home this afternoon and find my latest issue of "Garden Gate" in the mailbox, so Abby and I are going to go sit down and look at it, until it's time to lock the henhouses up.  Their lights are already out. 

Thank you for all your wonderful comments last night, we appreciate each and every one. 

That's is for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Thank you for all the pictures. I love seeing the fairy garden idea and the flowers are beautiful. Anything blooming this time of year is a blessing.

  2. I love getting gardening ideas! It makes spring seem like it's not so far away, after all.

  3. I would like one of those little buildings and any of those water features would be thrilling. I love water gardens but have too many trees, always cleaning leaves out.

  4. Mary Ann, I could have used that dragon on my post today! But maybe he would have been way too cute.

    I loved reading about the job you used to have. I bet that was interesting work. I haven't been to a lawn and garden show in years so enjoyed seeing your pictures. It sounds like a very nice day out.

    I think Ahmed is the one that our son used to do the sound wiring for when he helped with the filming of the Yard Crasher episodes. I know he really liked him.

    I'm sure you'll be dreaming about gardening tonight.

  5. I love Josh Temple! Wish they'd book him at the show in Toronto. Can you share any of the funny "crash" stories he told?


  6. We met at Ahmed at last year's show and even got out pictures taken with him. He is one of the nicest, most gracious celebrities that I've ever met - he must have stood there and talked to use for a good 15 or 20 minutes. We may have hugged him also, but don't tell the men folk that. :-)

    Thanks for the update from the show, as we decided not to go this year. As you said, each year it seems to shrink a bit. We need to find a roofer, but we're going to the Angies list route, since we never seemed to find contractors that we liked at the remodeling show.

  7. They always have such cool items at these shows.


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