Friday, February 15, 2013

The Greenhouse becomes Real

We expected a delivery today between 1 and 5.  

Keith hurried to get things done this morning so he could be here. 

At 11:30, look what pulled up, and nary a dog (all inside) barked. 

My phone rang, and I was told "I'm at your gate". 

I alerted Keith. 

A huge box, 428 pounds... was manhandled off the truck and into our pickup by a pallet jack, and the driver and Keith.  

I was told to stay away and be quiet, and for once, I took his advice!  :-) 

Within ten minutes, he was at the site in the garden, and unloading everything. 

He had to open the box and unload all the pieces. 

(Biggify and note buds on maple tree branches in picture!) 

I went out to take pictures and set the treat bucket down for a minute... those are the panels leaning against the side of the henspa. 
Someone was trying to get to the bread. 

This gives you some idea of the waffle weave of the polycarbonate panels. 

In the background are some 4 x 4  pieces laying on the ground... Keith says now that the greenhouse will be 8 x 17 feet, instead of 10 x 18.  There is a reason for this... and we will also site it a little bit closer to the garden beds, instead of right next to the henspa.  There is a reason for THAT, too... I'll find out what they are and report on them. 

It's getting real!  Unfortunately, except for Sunday, we are to have very cold weather next week, with a 70% chance of snow on Wednesday, so we will put off construction for a week. 

Folly says:  "What are you putting next to us, Mama?" 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. How exciting! It will be fun watching the progress.

  2. Folly is so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing your greenhouse progress.

  3. It will be fun watching the greenhouse take shape. Have fun! :)

  4. Oh this looks like a very big project to me! It will be so fun to see how this all progresses.

  5. Oh lucky you, I always wanted a greenhouse......will be fun to see what you do with it, Blessings Francine.

  6. How exciting! I can quite imagine all the critters there are wondering what is going on. It's turned bitter cold here and we have a new smattering of snow on the ground this morning. More expected tonight. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  7. That is so exciting. My dream has always been to have a greenhouse, can't wait to see it all up and you using it.

  8. I shall watch with awe, as this new build goes up!

  9. Oooh how exciting! We want to have a greenhouse someday. I love the photo of Folly - she is too cute! What breed is she?

  10. Oh lucky you! I have been wanting one too.

  11. Yea! You'll have a new greenhouse before you know it.


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