Monday, February 11, 2013

Ooops.... Wrong Way Corrigan!

The winds have finally subsided, thank heavens, because they left us feeling battered and worn out yesterday evening. 

Today, the fencers came to put the new pony pen fence up. 

They used no-climb horse fence, and put chain link over the gate, so that nothing can get through it without trouble. 

The three man crew had the old fence down in ten minutes... and then it took about five hours to put the new one up. 

Guess what I discovered? 

It's on the wrong side of the poles.  When I asked them what happened, they said that's how they found the old one, and they thought that's what we wanted. 

The old pen was one of Keith's first projects here and he didn't know, he had never kept horses of any kind in his life.  

They asked me if I wanted them to re-do it, and I told them no; as well as it is stapled, I think it will hold two ponies or a pony and a mini donkey.  

I'll be more careful the next time we have anything fenced. 

 Another traffic jam at the nesting box.  It cracks me up that the little hens all want the same box at once.  The white hen, a home bred, is going broody.  She chirps angrily when I take eggs out from under her. 

Our little doll Abby has a favorite stuffy toy that she loves to play with. 

I had to do a lot of entertaining today because they all wanted to go outside and "help" the fencers. 

This evening, Lilly got loose while Keith had his back turned (he was working on the gate to the road).  He realized it, finally, and I went out and called and called... we always worry when one of the dogs is out, because they are not used to being anywhere but here, and the highway is so close. 

Anyway, she appeared immediately in Spehar's pasture, to our north.  As both are fenced with livestock fence, we couldn't figure out how to get to her... but I had a leash in my pocket, and I had her come to me and hooked on.... Keith precariously climbed our fence (whoa) and then walked her through the pasture to the Spehar's chained tube gate, where we got her out and he was able to climb over much more easily.  
We were just grateful she was safe. 

No pictures of that adventure, I'm afraid! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Don't your puppies make you work for them all the time. Just testing to see if you still love them!

  2. Can't wait to see what you put inside that new fence!

  3. Love that sweet little pug face! I know you must have been upset about the fence. I hope it will still be okay and it will be exciting to see it occupied. So very glad that Lily was found quickly. How's the throat?

  4. Oh boy, you're getting close now! I can't wait to see who comes home to you.

  5. Wow...I am not sure I wouldn't have made them do it over (as long as I am not paying them by the hour =o). Anything outside of the norm, they should have asked. I would have asked them if they preferred to do it over or knock a little something off the bill!

  6. It was a busy day for you. Glad all ended well even if all wasn't quite the way it should have been.

  7. At least the sun is shining today but its still pretty cold out....we love all your pictures!!
    stella rose and mom

  8. That's weird that the fencers didn't ask....

    Glad you got Lilly back okay.

    Abby looks like she's slimming up.

  9. Love that pug!

    Hope the fence will work out okay!

  10. Hello Abby! Thanks for visiting my site. Such an adorable pug :D

  11. My Augie is like your Abby!! He'll suck and suck on his favorite toy like a pacifier!! Every chance I get - I'll throw it into the washer machine! Thank goodness you found Lilly!!
    that's also my biggest fear - If Augie were to go out the front door!


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