Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Rest of the Story

When I left you all last night, Lilly Ann was in the henyards on patrol.  Imagine my shock when I went out there ten minutes later .... and she was gone. 

If you squint, you can see where she pushed out the wire on the gate... fat lot of good it did me to staple a piece on the other day.  

Keith has now strengthened both gates. 

Here he is this morning, hanging the new gate before going to work. 

And, as you see, there is now a barrier at the foot of each gate, and this one has wire hanging down in the opening under it.  

While Keith worked, I let Lil out in the pasture for a while, and she spent some time sniffing at the coyote scent. 

I was VERY afraid when I went out there last night. 

Here's Lil going past the camera at 5:57 PM. 

A raccoon at 6:43...

And here's trouble at 10:43.  

I had brought Lilly in as soon as I went out there and found her loose. 

There were two coyotes that visited in the middle of the night, and believe me, I would never risk Lilly with any of them. 

I have the camera out there tonight, because I want to see if anyone gets past this: 

I suspect the skunk and raccoon can find a way in, but it will be interesting to see if it stops the bigger predators for a few nights. 

I did get SOME work done today... I have one garden bed just about ready for planting.  Another load of dirt and manure went on top of this.  I need to get some more, maybe tomorrow.  We are planning on going to the Metropolitan Lawn and Garden Show this weekend... just for kicks, as it is a tenth of what it used to be in the "old days", but we do like to go and look around. 

That's it for the day from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Wow, glad Lil is o.k. hope that stops them to, nice work in the raised beds, Francine.

  2. I hope this keeps those coyotes away. I'd be worried and frustrated too!
    I'm a bit jealous of your nice raised beds! Makes me want to get my fingers in the dirt again...although I am thankful for a bit more time to not have to pull weeds, etc! :) Spring and all it's work will come soon enough!

  3. You have some very busy visitors!

    I left you an email.

    m :)

  4. Keith is a handy guy to have around!
    Your garden soil looks so rich.

  5. I realize you may be wild animal lovers, but if you can't get rid of the coyotes yourselves, you really should bring in a pro if you want to keep your remaining domestic animals.

  6. Your beds look great. We are hoping to build about 6 more this spring. Hope that coyote doesn't get any more of your birds!

  7. I used to love going to the Home and Garden show here which is similar to your Lawn and garden show. The minute you walked in you could smell Spring. They always had a lot of blooming plants all set in nicely landscaped areas. It isn't what it used to be either. But it will be a nice little peak at Spring there for you. Glad reinforcements are in place now. Hopefully that will make a difference for you. Snow still covers the ground here so there is no getting ready to plant anything. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

  8. My ma loved your raised beds, she said she could smell the sign of spring when she looked at them!!! our yard is a muddy mess, cos alot of our grass died in the drought last year, so we look like mudballs when mom lets us go outside. i am glad the only predators at our house is mean ole cat dietzy.
    stella rose and magpie

  9. I love the raise beds too ! And wow, a lot of action during the night.
    We hear the coyotes here too at night, but Cayenne our dog seems to put them away.

  10. Your raised beds are looking great! Dang coyotes, I sure hope the barrier helps to keep them out.

  11. Time for electric tape and a Parmak solar charger to keep your dogs in and the predators out your yard and coop.If you run a line at the bottom of your fences and around your coop, one shock and your predators will keep away.I have 2 and they work for the big pasture and the small chicken yard.We also have two farm shepherds.Good Luck.

  12. Nice pictures! I too like your raised beds. Is that a motion sensor camera or what? Amazing the critters that prowl when we can't see.

  13. I held my breath there at the beginning when you said Lily was gone. So glad she's fine. Those raised beds are nice. How long have you used them for gardens?

  14. I get so afraid that something is going to happen to your babies! Oh I hope the fences work- and keeps all those scary animals away.
    I don't want your heart to hurt any more.

  15. When I had huskies, I had a trench filled with concrete under the gate....the only way to keep them from digging under.


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