Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the Job

In the old days, dogs had to earn their livings on the farm.  There weren't many who were there "just for fun"... but they were working dogs, cattle herders or other dogs who could help the farmer. 

To wit....

This one is an expert at mouse patrol. 

She's also in the henyard right this minute, watching for the wolves to come up.  I'm praying there is no attack in force, because she's out there alone. 

I'm going out to check on her in a few minutes, but, as added incentive, I put her food dish out there with her. 

This one has become the chicken-herder supreme... I have to give her credit, rarely does she lose her head and chase... she was just about to, here. 

The smart ones were observing her from the rafters. 

Once they were all in place, we had a final check: 

And then came in and counted our eggs: 

With one this morning, that's 20 for the day, in mid-winter. I notice I am getting lots of bantam eggs all the sudden, maybe it's the longer days.

We also got a notice today in my email that our components for the greenhouse are enroute via Fed Ex. The actual plastic components for the "siding"... are being shipped via freight carrier and will be here in a week or so.  I'm getting excited! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres. 

(and I appreciate all your great comments last night, leaving Lil in the henyard for a while will be a huge surprise for the visitors... I just don't want anything to happen to her, or for HER to get the idea to tunnel out into the pasture). 

Or... skunked! 


  1. Can have a farm without a dog.

    Great egg production.

  2. Evening, hope Lil will be o.k....she is a hard working girl as is the little one, cute.......those are some beautiful eggs, Francine.

  3. They're doing their best, aren't they, Mary Ann? Everybody pitching in.

  4. Single coyotes won't usually bother a full-sized dog if it doesn't press the issue. Watch out if you start seeing packs, though it's a little early for that.

  5. Wow, what a team of helpers you have! Good looking eggs too. :)

  6. That was really cute! Love how she is sitting there so intent on the mice. Do you sell your eggs? X

  7. Dogs on patrol. Gotta love it

    Got your cards today! They are great.
    The kids will love them.
    Thanks again.

    M :)

  8. So glad you are getting a greenhouse! Won't that be fun.

  9. Puppies on patrol !! Love it Maryann!! Good luck against the bad guys!!

  10. I hope your worker did ok out there. I had a little dog once that was a good mouser. Better than any cat I've ever seen. She even scouted out the gerbils that the kids had. They were not happy about that for sure. It's nice to be having more daylight hours.

  11. My non laying hens (2 of them), one has laid an egg every other day.

    Now I'm thinking about letting her hatch a few.


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