Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Sunny Saturday

I went to watch grandson Jake and The Heat play basketball today...

Here he comes down court with the ball... despite a last five minute full court press by the other team, the Heat won, `12-10... so yes, close... but they did come out on top.  There were lots of smiling faces among the red shirts. 

If you look closely, you can see Abby "helping" me shut up the henspa flock. She's under the nest boxes.  One of the chickens got into the nest boxes and rearranged every single one of them... I had to search through all the disturbed straw for eggs.  I found one broken, and one soft shell, no hard shell.  I'll put some different calcium rich oyster shell in there this week, the shell I've been using is too ground up, I think. 

She took her heart in her paw and decided to come with me when I was finished. 

I found this lovely small spring-like throw at a thrift store yesterday for 3.99!  I washed it this morning, and despite one or two small pulls in the fabric, it's in great shape, no stains, and I'll use it nightly when I watch tv with Abs. 

Our big tom, Jackson, is sick tonight, showing bad signs of MG... I tried to dose him three times, but cannot handle him by myself.  I'll ask my son to help me in the morning, and between the two of us, we'll hopefully be able to get some medicine down him.  He's worse than any of the other birds that have had it;  it's in the flock, and the stress of the cold and the predators in the last week has brought it on in several of the birds. 

That's it for tonight, and on to the Big Day tomorrow! 


  1. Jake is adorable! :) and I love that pillow, so cute! and a great price. I hope like heck Jackson pulls through and your son is able to help you hold him. Abby is such a great helped and oh so cute!

  2. We love looking at all your photos and good times.
    And yes we see your little helper Abby

  3. Way to go, being at your grandson's games! So important to do that. I hope Jackson will be okay, Mary Ann. Very pretty spring throw, too!

  4. I like that throw you found. Anything resembling Spring is good right now. More snow here and still very cold.

  5. I hope Jackson is okay.

    Good buy on the throw.


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