Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Super Sunday

Luckily I went to church last night, because our day kind of got lost in the shuffle somewhere.  Nathan's dad brought him over after his overnight, and I expected a call at anytime in the afternoon from his mom, who was at work in Lawrence.  It is 7:22, and I've just gotten back from taking Nathan to meet his mom, who had to work late... and they had a 60 mile drive home ahead of them.  I missed the first half of The Game, and am not sure at this point which Harbaugh is winning. 

Can you tell I was bearing a treat bucket when I went into the henspa? 

After a minute, most of them came back in to have a small treat...

(it was a blur, believe me) 

Except those outside, who got their treats there. 

The birds in the old henhouse had treats, too.  I was finally able to get an accurate count of these , the old big henhouse and the little red one... there are 26 birds, but of those,  10 are roosters, and some are too old to lay any longer.  These birds can't go into the pasture for a while, until we think the coyote is no longer watching for them.  They stand at the gate in the morning and look out into it longingly. 

Keith made a new gate for the henyard... with Abby's help. 

And as you see, we did not get it hung... I had to leave to drop Nate off, and then that errand ended up taking two hours.  
The old gate is pretty much done for, and it was the gate the coon went through at the bottom, where the wire is loose.  You can see that even the frame has broken on it.  I'll be glad to get the new one up. 

One thing I am doing in the henspa is regularly cleaning out under the roosts, I would say weekly at this point. Today, instead of raking it out into the henyard to build up the mulch in there, I bucketed it, and then dropped it over the rail into my little yard cart.  I spread it on three of the garden beds.  No, it has not composted yet, but out of the picture to the right are bags of composted manure, and fresh Miracle Gro garden soil.  I'm going to start layering these beds and build them up to get them ready to plant, and the roots won't be reaching this wet straw for a while. 

Where I am, she is.  This is a face only a pug mother could love... but to be fair, the afternoon sun was in her eyes. 

As Nate and I waited for his mom near Lawrence International Airport (!), a redtail spent some time looking for dinner. 
We ended up waiting at McDonalds, since she had to work so late, but it gave us all time to visit for a bit before they started home to Garnett. 
Keith is watching the puppy bowl instead of the Super Bowl, he says the game is over for all intents and purposes, so I haven't seen even one commercial. 
Downton Abbey at 8, and then Elementary after the Super Bowl, so I can finally relax! 

I want to welcome Hidden Meadow Farm, On the Bright Side, and The Beginning Farmer to our blog roll.  MA at On the Bright Side is the kind of upbeat blogger that Kerin was at Always Fixin'.... she has her own attitude of gratitude.... Hidden Meadow raises animals that are on the endangered species list, and they are beautiful.... and The Beginning Farmer is a most interesting serious farmer, but full of good ideas for us hobbyists.  I hope you enjoy them as I do. 


  1. You ware me out just reading everything you do in one day!! Sorry you missed the half time show - it was good and the rest - well it's just football!

  2. Did you know you're supposed to EAT excess roosters and non-laying hens? ;-)

  3. I could just kiss that sweet face-- Abbey's, that is! You have been busy. I thought you were retired!

  4. I do think that those roosters should be seperated off, fattened and made ready for the table! Make good eating?.......Abbey sure is a good looking dog!

  5. I watched the Super Bowl for awhile but then switched over to Downton Abby. I was reading during the football game and almost didn't realize it was time to switch over. I watch it every week and am really hooked on it. Thanks for the kind words about my blog today. Hope you have a great Monday!

  6. We don't do football.

    Our 2 non-laying hens decided to lay 4 eggs.....

    Abbey is a sweetie!


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