Monday, February 25, 2013

Here it Comes and There it Went

Some of you may have wondered about the shadecloth over the henspa yard with the heavy snow last week. 

Yes, that's the shadecloth on Friday, over the middle span of the henyard.  Notice the span on the right is also very full.  I stopped Keith as he was planning to put crosswise supports up in the middle... because we had to move birds fast in November.  As you can see, the supports were needed.  
Oh, stupid me. 

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon: 

Quite a bit of snow came out of it... this is not a great picture.  We left it unhooked and down for the next storm, but only two small holes were torn in it where it rested on the pole tops.  In the spring, we'll take it partially down again, and Keith will finish building the framework the way he wanted it. 
Mea culpa, Honey. 

We had a glorious morning this morning..., and that was all we saw of the sun all day. 

And it melted so much yesterday and today (under leaden skies) that I could see the garden beds again, and the tops of our greenhouse panels.  

In late afternoon, we had a dusting of snow and it blew very hard, but right now, at 9:21, there is just a little precip falling, and if our computer is right, it's 37 degrees out, actually warmer than it has been all day. 

This girl was here early this morning and yes, found the food I had left for her.  She had not come up for the last four nights.  No coyotes came behind her. 

I left another bowl of food tonight, because if it really DOES get as terrible as they have predicted, the wildings won't be able to get up the pasture again. 

I've ordered Tylan for our big tom turkey, Jackson, who is still sneezing.  Now two roosters from the henspa have begun sneezing.  I think it is the stress of the weather and being locked up off and on the last few days... the Tylan was shipped today, but may be held up for a day or so with the weather.  I'm eager to get it started.

 That's it for today from Calamity Acres!   . 


  1. You DO have your hands full, don't you!

  2. That sunrise is just beautiful! The sun came out here yesterday too. It was a little warmer in the upper 30's so I went out on the patio in my winter coat and sat and soaked up some rays for awhile. They said it was probably going to be the only sun we'd see all week and I wanted to enjoy it. I could feel the warmth soaking in through my coat. I'm like your chickens and turkeys, not faring well with winter and sunshine is appreciated for sure!

  3. WHOOPS!! You had a lot of shoveling to do with that shade cloth caving in!! Bet the chickens didn't like that either!! Lovely sun!!

  4. Last night's snow was a lot wetter/heavier than the previous one, don't you think? We've got tree branches down this time.

  5. Isn't it frustrating how snow makes EVERYTHING more difficult? I'm dreaming of warmer weather.

  6. You are as tenderhearted as I am Mary Ann. Glad there was no more damage than was to the shade cloth.

    Hope Jackson and the roos get well soon.

  7. I hope your turkey and roosters get better soon! Poor guys. I bet they are ready for spring!

  8. Well hopefully he was nice about him being right and you being not so right:)


  9. that sunrise and fox picture were beautiful..we are getting snow snow snow today!
    stella rose and maggie

  10. That sunrise photo is beautiful! Sorry about your shadecloth.
    It's a really nasty day here - snow and wind, and dark.


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