Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday, Valentine's Day

I completely forgot to post the banner for the First Annual Valentine's Day Boost Your Blog Hop, in which we took part with Nancy from "A Rural Journal", and Lisa from "Two Bears Farm and the Three Cubs" and here is a LINK to the blogs participating on Lisa's Blog this morning.  There are some really good blogs in this list, and at least one blog was also having a Linky party with another 50 blogs or so included in it.  I found some really good new blogs to follow. 

Thank you, Ladies, for hosting all of us! 

Thanks for all your comments about last night's post, we love our granddogs, and I am so glad I got such a great picture of Shiner for us all to enjoy. 

This was in our pasture last night.  Friend Jill made a good point today... she said it is likely that these animals we see now on our camera have been coming here all along... we just never were aware of it.  Only once in the past did the coyotes come up into the light, to the upper pasture, and never during the day, OF WHICH WE WERE AWARE. I suspect they have been coming all along. 

And yesterday morning: 

Sorry for the somewhat blurry picture, and yes, that is a bowl of leftovers that actually froze and was uneaten. 

We have decided to put electric poultry net up and charge it during the day so we can let the poultry out into the upper pasture. 

Ranger has had a good last four weeks.  Abby and he enjoyed a little treat while Lilly was outside today. Lilly commandeers all treats in our house, so we normally can't put them out.  She commandeers them with bare teeth.  But today, Lil spent the whole day outside in the 50 degree weather.  I gave both Abby and Ranger a piece of rawhide to chew on... and did they ever enjoy it.  Abby is looking at Ranger's, but hers is actually in the middle of her toys on the floor in back of them.  She was giving Range a hard time. 

Here she is a minute later while he chews on his.  They each got two this afternoon, and I am careful to watch them because they do not break apart easily, but get soft, and I'm afraid they'll stick in the dog's throats.  Ranger REALLY enjoyed his, because he does not get treats often.  

As you can see, we had some sun this morning, but some strange looking clouds came in, too.  There is actually a prediction of a chance of snowflakes for tonight and tomorrow. 

Keith is smiling in this additional blurry picture, but he had been beaten in the head by powerful turkey wings.  We have changed the medicine tonight to Sulmet, in hopes that it will help Jackson more than the VetRX.  I'm going to have to order Tylan, I think, which is very expensive.  We also have to dose Jackson with a soft pipette, because the hens can't have the meds. He does NOT like it.  I have to admit I am very worried about losing him, he's coughing and choking a lot.  He does not seem to have any (sorry about this) stuff coming out of his sinuses though, or swelling of the face.  
I wish we could have two or three days of decent weather, and I would thouroughly clean the big henhouse out again.  There are only about 20 birds living in there now, and most roost in the rafters. 

We have got to have it re-wired, too, as the outlets are just about all gone, and it's an adventure plugging anything in there. 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Wow... what adventures you have in your yard!
    While I can't say I've caught scary animals visiting, or ever seen snow fall, I do share a love of chickens and have 5 papered hens of my own.

    Dotti, new friend from Australia. :)

  2. Praying that medicine does the job. We are supposed to have snow here too but have been in the 30's not the 50's. It seems those coyotes are everywhere. I think that if there is food around, they'll find it. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  3. Morning, I do enjoy seeing your night time visiters, you have a busy yard.......Glad Ranger is o.k........Have a great weekend, Francine.

  4. Ranger is making sure Abby stays away from his treat.

    Always work on a farm.

  5. Sorry about Jackson! I hate it when any of my chickens are sick, so I know how hard it is. We used to have a night vision camera outside close to the chicken coop but didn't catch anything (thank goodness!) so we ended up taking it down. They are nice tools to use though to see if any unwanted visitors are coming by.

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! So happy you stopped by :)

  6. It's never boring at Calamity Acres! I hope Jackson gets better soon.

  7. I know we have coyotes that go through our property but never see them only their droppings, I keep telling my husband we need to get a trail cam out in our woods.


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