Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here, There, and Everywhere

One of my favorite Beatles songs... that dates me, doesn't it? 

That's what this post is, a little of everything. 

Here are some pictures sent to us by Keith's sister Kim... who was hit with Nemo this past weekend...

and this: 

They don't have a snow blower, either... that was shovelin', folks. 


I'm glad they are okay. 

I hope you can see the robins in this somewhat dim picture taken from inside the house.  They were drinking and cleaning themselves where water had pooled in the yard.  

There are six in the picture! 

My guardians were at the door, and I'm not afraid when Keith is at work because of it. 

I found these two in the now unused nest box in the little henhouse, the one I wrote about a few weeks ago.  Now I know why there are so many feather in it. 

There are only the five little roosters living in the little henhouse, now. 

Here's the pony pen with the gate up.  Someone asked last night why I did not make the fencers take the fence down and do it right... my answer is, if I was planning on putting an unbroken full size horse in it, I probably would have asked them to remake it.  As it is, I don't anticipate anything other than two ponies or a pony and a mini donk in it.  I don't anticipate either of those to be unbroken and wild, either, so I think it will serve it's purpose.  Keith is going to strengthen it, if need be, with some boards inside, and drive a few more poles if he feels we need it.   I am waiting for a few good days in a row, and then I'll dump the spoiled hay in the llama feeder, and move it out of the way... and clean up the soiled straw that was broken down by the chickens over the last few months.  We'll stock up on straw and make it ready for new occupants. 

Deweena at "Across the Way" has asked several times how my sore throat was doing.  I am happy to say it's well and truly gone... and I have MaryDon at Blushing Rose to thank for it. 
Last week, MaryDon posted some simple home remedies from days past.  One was using warm water, with honey and lemon in it, to help your sore throat get better.  I went out that afternoon and bought some honey, as we were out.  I began using it that day, and, within two days, the soreness was gone and has not returned.  I am so grateful because it was the worst I had had for a while, and was painful to even swallow. 

Thanks, MaryDon. 

Today, I read a wonderful blog post from here, at Fitzgerald's Family Farm.  

I so envy this post... because Sharon has been able to get her own riding horse after wanting one for many years.  She didn't just go buy a horse, either, she has adopted a horse rescued from a sad situation, and given it a new lease on life.  She was careful in how she did it, and now she is set to have a happy partnership with the horse, who is picture in the post... please go read about (and see) Lady Bella Mellini here, and yes, there are pictures.  
Congratulations, Sharon! 

And here, at the end, I pose a question to everyone... 
who takes the pictures of the house numbers on the Recaptcha when you set your blog to require 
it?  I mean, some are obviously street signs and house numbers... has anyone ever seen someone wandering down their street with a camera, pointing it at the house numbers????  

Just wondering! 

That's it for today from Calamity Acres! 


  1. Wow, that was a lot of snow. I would hate to be the one shoveling! I can't wait to see your new critters!

  2. Too much snow, not enough feathers yet for a good mouse nest.

    I checked out Bella, beautiful and it's so nice to see dreams come true.

  3. I don't know who takes those pictures for captcha...but I sure wish they would use better lighting! I can't read them half the time!! (and no, I'm not getting old...although I just got a prescription for bifocals!!) :

  4. That's a lot of snow, even by Colorado standards!
    What a nice rescue.

  5. Raise a couple guinea hens with your chickens and you won't have any more mice, I've heard.

  6. Wow! I love snow but that would be a job. Your guard dogs are sweet but I'm sure they can sound ferocious when on the job. Mice are so cute but no thanks. I sometimes try 3 times to get the robot test right. They are hard on my eyes. After 3 times I give up but often I can get them right. I do think blogs get fewer comments when they have it.

    So glad your throat is better. I remember my dad used to fix us a cup of hot lemonade with honey when we had a sore throat and it was so good.

  7. we came hurrying over to see what was going in your bloggy- and holy smokies- that is a lot of snow

  8. I'm thankful your people are ok after that terrible snow storm. I can't imagine shoveling that much snow, although we have come close, we've never had it that bad here. The only snow we have left at this point is a few white mounds where it had piled up when where we shoveled. Everything else is melted off now. I like your guardians guarding your door. That is one thing about having dogs that I do miss. They always make you feel safe. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday there.

  9. Whooo we are glad that is not our back yard with all that snow..heck we couldn't even get out...although on the positive side mom could stay home from work....we also want to know when we can come over and ride that little mini donkey....that would be a cute picture wouldn't it!
    Glad you are feeling better Mary Ann!
    Stella rose and maggie

  10. I'm so glad that Lady Bella was rescued and is getting a good home.

    I think I tried honey and lemon with my sore throat, but it was so bad I still ended up taking pain pills.

  11. We've had snow like this before, no snow blower either just us. So, I know how they are feeling.

    I don't know about the numbers thing - just hate it when I have to do the whole word verification thing.

    Thanks for entering our giveaway - good luck!



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