Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Oddest Gardening Year

I wandered around in the garden tonight, too tired to do anything.  With grandson Chris's help on Thursday, I actually got the last of the perennials that had been sitting on our deck all summer planted!  Yippeee!
Here are some pictures I took of the vegetables, though...

Carrots are coming up again.
Onions are greening up, but I picked a bunch of these.
The tomatos are even putting out new growth... the one next to this is not only blooming, but there are six or seven tomatos growing on one side of the plant. 
What a year.  The herbs still look great, and several of them are re-growing, too.
On the other hand, I think this picture just about says it all for our century walnut tree:
Half of the tree has died now, and we are getting worried about it going over in a storm, as it has a fairly hollow lower trunk. The days of wood companies coming to your house even for black walnut trees are gone, so we are going to have to find some money to have this grand old girl taken down.
I made two more apple crisps with apples given to us by our neighbor.  Most were windfalls, and I cut the bad spots out.  We got a big pan for us, and another big pan for son Jim and his family for dinner tonight.  I'm hoping with what's left I can make one more in the morning to give to Nathan to take home for him and his mom. 
Here is what was really going on this afternoon:
Gertie convinced her daddy that they should watch the Ryder Cup!


  1. Looks like a good afternoon plan.

    My friend in Georgia had an artist come for their big pecan tree. Maybe a cratsman or woodworker would cut it safely for the wood.

  2. So sad about your walnut tree.
    I also live in Georgia. A bad storm took down an old oak tree that knarlie all over it - huge warts. I tried all the local artist to come get it since it was already on the ground. But I had no takers. If Gail above could contact me -- I have a beautiful wartie oak for free! North Ga. mountains!


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