Friday, September 7, 2012


I was on my way to Home Depot to get some dirt for the garden when I passed by these... I had forgotten they were there.  I stopped, pulled into the drive, and took a shot to show you, as they are truly remarkable.

I'm making these extra large so you can see them.

I cropped this one down further, because it is just unreal... the curly wool on the bison... the facial expression on the longhorns... but I could not get the cropped photo to load, despite three tries.  Biggify this and you will see what I mean. 
Keith says he welds the steel together after making it in parts... whatever he does, it's incredible.
I was on my way to look at some hay that someone had for sale about ten miles from us.  The hay turned out to be decent... horse-quality hay... so we are laying in a dozen bales tomorrow just in case... something comes our way during the winter... a dozen won't go far, but is a little stash. 
We thought about getting 20, but frankly... right now we have nothing to which to feed it... it's just a feeling I have.
It will be delivered sometime tomorrow afternoon.
On Sunday Keith has a church charity golf tournament to play in, and tomorrow, I am going back to the Henry's Plant Farm in Lecompton.  I went there on the Kaw Valley Farm Tour last year... it is the most beautiful place, planted in extensive perennial gardens, with ten greenhouses, and many animals kept on display.  They are having their "Summer" Garden Party, as it was way too hot to have one in the summer this year.  They have scores of varieties of mums for sale, so I am going to try to get two new ones at least.  I stopped at Home Depot this evening to get some dirt to plant my last perennials (that have sat on the deck since July).... but they had closed the garden center at 7.  I went by and paid partially for the hay, and came on home.  I'll be up early tomorrow to do chores and drop off eggs and start out for the "real" country near Lecompton.
I'll have pictures of the beautiful gardens tomorrow night!
I leave you with a funny photo from the game cam this week:
I'm sure glad I wasn't to the south side of that tail when it went up!


  1. That skunk is poised to spray! So funny.

    The sculptures are amazing. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. What amazing art work. The artist is very talented, and I'm so glad that you stopped and took some pictures to share with us.

    Have a wonderful time at the garden center.

    That skunk...yikes!


  3. Holy smokies- that is awsome art!
    I am sorry I have not been around much. My mommy has the sickies

  4. WOW what an incredible artist.

    Yikes, I'm glad you were not too.


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