Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Spots

Well, some of them are Saturday evening spots. 
Like this one:

Though Jackson and Annabelle are not as friendly as Clarabelle as far as approaching you, he likes to follow me around and watch what I'm doing.  He's snoozing here while I filled the water bin in the pasture last night.
I don't know why I'm still filling it, no one is using it hardly.
Here he is a minute later, listening to something with his eyes closed still.  He cracks me up.
Ranger LOOKS scary, but Lilly Ann is the one to be careful if you are up to no good at Calamity Acres.
Her abrasion on her side is healing up nicely.
I made this one extra large on purpose, because it cracks me up, too.  I planted this butterfly bush in the spring, and it took off like a jet.  All summer I watered it from behind... daily, almost.  I was so proud of it.  I was standing there a little while ago this afternoon and realized there is a HUGE WEED in the middle of it... look at the top.
I pulled it out and it will take a whole bag of Miracle Gro soil to fill in the hole.
Here is the bush without the weed, still looks good.  As you see, I have pulled out all the sunflowers, so summer is OFFICIALLY OVER here.  They are going down to the brush heap in the pasture in the back of the truck tomorrow while Keith is at work.  I spent the afternoon putting in perennials, and I will have to go get Max Mix tomorrow to fill in all the holes where I pulled the HUGE sunflower roots out.
I put a late hummingbird feeder out because I have seen hummers twice in the last week.  Kathy says they are visiting her feeders a lot here in the last few weeks, so we think they are getting ready for their trip south.  Keith came in from the golf course yesterday to say he had seen a lot of Canadians overhead.  I planted mums of several different varieties... blanket flowers, physostegia, and have some more things to put in tomorrow.  As you see, it was a gorgeous early fall day.
And finally, Keith is progressing:
The wooden framework is for the netting that will go over the pen, which I will call to order tomorrow.  It takes a week to ten days to get here, as it is cut and grommeted according to what dimension we order.  Once it's ordered, Keith will finish the two decks, make the stairs, and we'll do the inside work (flooring, nest and roosts) and then move the flock over.  We intended to move girls only, but now again are considering moving everyone from the big henhouse for a few weeks, so that we can clean it out, clean it up, make repairs, and get it winterized.  Then we'll move the old birds and non-producing hens back over.
At least that's the plan as it currently stands!


  1. Good evening, Mary Ann~

    I had a butterfly bush at our old house and I just LOVE 'em. Their scent can be intoxicating. I need to put some perennials in too, I am hoping to get some from my Aunt when she thins out her garden. That's the best way to get them, plus the memories that go along with them from times at her house.

    I look forward to seeing your girls when they are moved over. Our new babies are about 11 weeks old. We have them in the coop with our ladies at night, but during the day they are separated. When they get a little bigger, we'll put them all together. Safety in numbers and all that! lol

    Praying you have a great week!


  2. WOw...
    you have been very busy this weekend!

    How exciting that you are getting so close to having the new coop finished!

    We went for a ride, and at one house on the canyon road, they had a very, very large pen for turkeys.
    Lots of different kinds.
    I'll have to try to get a picture of it one of these days.
    Made me think about you and your sweet birds :)


  3. Ya'll done a lot of work while I was out!

  4. Some weeds are very clever at hiding in the middle of bushes. I guess it enjoyed the extra water!


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