Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rain, Blessed Rain

Don't know what the measurement is yet, but it rained steadily for about 4 hours today, and off and on for another two.  We needed it so very much!
Trying to convince these guys it's time to start roosting in the big henhouse, where they hang out during the day.  After watching them walk around and around their pen in the rain, I gave in and let them into it.  They don't even fit into the little hutch in there anymore, plus an older hen decided to sleep outside tonight.  Exactly ONE pullet went up the ramp into the henhouse, and I checked to make sure she roosted with the other birds.  It won't be long until they are out of the little pen and in the new henhouse with the others.
It was this kind of day, and old Ranger was pooped out waiting for me to finish up and go back in the house, where it was dry and warm!
56 degrees right now, and I had to wear a hoodie to do chores both times.


  1. Wow, it looks so GREEN there in all three photos! How/when did THAT happen?!?

  2. So glad you've finally got some rain! And cooler's such a great feeling to pull out the sweatshirts that first time, after a stifling hot summer!

  3. And I'm sure you were glad to be wearing that hoodie!!!

    Glad you got some rain.

    Take care, happy weekend.


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