Saturday, September 22, 2012

Slovene Fest 2012

Today was SloveneFest at my sister's church, or the church which my sister and brother in law attended.  My brother in law is half pure Italian and half Slovenian, and they had traveled to Slovenia numerous times and spent time with his cousins there.  He also speaks both languages.  She told me often what a very beautiful country in Europe that it is, and enjoyed traveling there.
SloveneFest 2012 was dedicated to my sister, which was a wonderful thing for them to do.  Her smiling face greeted me when I walked into the school after we processed over from church behind the flags. 

The small sign under the picture with her sunglasses on reads :
"Our Beloved Kathleen Serra" and the dates of her birth and death.
At the bottom of the large banner was the official dedication.
Several Slovenian officers from Fort Leavenworth came to the gathering... and one was in uniform, because he trooped the flag.
That's handsome brother-in-law Bob speaking at the short dedication ceremony; he was master of ceremonies.  The people in the red shirts were a tamburitza band, well known here and played polka music.  I taped them playing a song, but can't post you tubes from my slow connection.
That's the Slovene Captain behind them with their flag.
I wish I had a picture of the ethnic food served, but I did not get one.  Oh.. except from a distance...

That's my nephew Chris looking down the table, and his wife Jill next to me.  On her plate is sarma, which is a Croation dish of cabbage with meat/rice innards...but the black thing on her plate is what I wanted you to see.  It's blood sausage, a real delicacy.  My sister always got a portion (you pay a dollar extra for blood sausage) because Bob and Chris like it so much.  Jill got designated this year!
 These little girls were the lights of their grandma's eyes... Caitlin on the left, and Morgan, with her "Baby J" shirt on the right. How my sister loved them, and how we all miss her.  How fast four months has flown!



  1. What a wonderful way to honor your sister.

    I have heard blood sausage is wonderful but if I have eaten it I have forgotten.

  2. Such a thoughtful thing for the Church to do.
    The girls are adorable!

  3. Such a thoughtful thing for your church to do... to honor your sister in thoughts, and actions.

    Looks like a fun festival too!

  4. What a wonderful tribute.

    Blood sausage doesn't sound good to me....

    Cute grands.


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