Monday, September 17, 2012

What on Earth?

I have pictured, in the past, the hens taking dust baths in the corner of the pasture, next to the henyards.

The wood pieces cover up some mouse houses... I'm a sap, I know.
(they also went under the trough during the winter).
Here is what Keith found last night in this area:
If you compare this with the above picture, they are in the area where the fence meets the henhouse, in the upper picture, there is a blue scaffold you can just see through the fence behind it.  The bigger hole is about 4 1/2 inches across, the smaller, about 3 1/2.  Too big for snakes.... too small for the fox.... rabbits????  skunk????  I think it's time to pour out the water bin.... as Keith (and the hay guy) think it's drawing the fox and possums nightly.  I put the camera out there tonight, pointed right on the holes, to see what might be coming and going.
The birds, who sunbathed in that spot during the summer months, are doing it a little farther down and closer to the henyard fence now.
This is the SUM of the eggs I got today, minus one that went to a snake....I did not disturb him, and he left me the green egg... from 25 hens.  Uh huh.  Pitiful.
Chatterbox, my only Ameracauna left, gave me the only large egg... and could look me in the eye.
The others got a good talking to!
I'm going to drive up to a friend's house in Northwest Missouri tomorrow to look at some animals she has, and to look at her ponies.  Those pictures will be coming tomorrow night.


  1. Yosemite National Park is having a war on mice right now after several tourists have died from the Hantavirus. I believe in nature but I have rules, if they are in my space and I don't want them in my space they go. Mice and snakes, only snakes I allow in my space are King Snakes and maybe the small green garden snakes but hardly ever see them. You should put golf balls in your hens nests like Sand Flat Farm did, snake swallowed 6 golf balls.

  2. I did not know mice had houses!

  3. Groundhog? They can be so destructive! I'm anxious to see what your camera captures.

  4. well, my 2 hens haven't laid in several weeks.....but not going to get anymore anytime soon

  5. Mice houses? That's a new one for me. :) Hope you catch the critter on camera!


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