Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goin' Up the Country

We had a gloriously beautiful almost-fall day here in Leavenworth County, and it was a good day to make a trip up to northwest Missouri to see my friend, Joani.  Joani and I became friends many years ago when I was looking for chicken mentors... and she was kind enough to answer some questions online for me.  Then one thing lead to another and we met in person, and saw each other off and on, though we lived 75 miles apart. 
When Joani married, her husband dove in and became interested in exotic animals as she was, and they spent some happy years increasing their animal family.  Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, but Joani still enjoys animals.

Here are some I saw today:

This is a MaCAWWWWWW  It is the loudest bird in captivity!!!!  There were FOUR OF THEM in the two aviaries and I am STILL DEAF tonight.  Thank you, MaCAWWWWWSSSS
Attack geese.  Not kidding.
One reason I went was to look at the Shetland Sheep.  I always thought they were SMALL sheep.
Joani has three wethers and two ewes, one ewe was out running with the horse herd.  Once I was around this big guy, I realized I was not so sure I could handle the sheep by myself... and not fair to Keith to strap him with taking care of them.  Sheep out.
This would not be a purchase, but a loan to get our pasture grazed down some.
This is Banjo, the mule.  She is a doll, and broke to ride and drive.  Banjo may be coming here to stay with us for a while.  This is not a good picture of her, she is actually a very beautiful dappled .... sort of palominoey roan.
As you can see, there is quite the assortment of critters there.
Everything from this quiet little gelding (too small, I think) to the big draft mare behind him. 
So after a while, I mentioned that I wanted to see Rosie and Blackie, the two Hackney mares that were here at our place in June, after the llamas left.  We jumped into the car and drove the ten miles over to Chris's place, Joani's friend who is the Amish farmer that shoes and trains her ponies and horses. 
Of course, we could not call to let him know we were coming, and when we got there, we found that the two girls were turned out in a large pasture with some other horses, so we did not get to see them.  He has been working on driving them and also breaking them to ride.
He does have this mare that is for sale... she has a four month old colt that is about to be weaned. 
Chris jumped on her and rode her around a little, demonstrating how quiet she is by hanging off her backend and other things.  She is used as a driving mare right now by his kids.  She is very plain, but a nice little girl, one that I could handle easily.  She would also be big enough for Jacob to ride, our middle grand who will be twelve soon, and big enough for the little ones to graduate to.  As a friend told me once, you can't ride/drive color.
Joani's church in the country, isn't it beautiful and serene?  It's a United Methodist, and very old.
Total anomaly, same neighborhood, whole windfarm.
That's it for tonight!
(Yes, it's a wallaby!)


  1. Good Morning Sweet Friend

    It's been awhile since I stopped by - although I thought that I was here last week at some point. Must be menopause:)

    Anyway looks like you are keeping busy!

    I'll send some more fall weather your way!

    Thanks for the b-day wishes!


  2. color doesn't matter if she fits the bill

    What a great lady to have as a friend

  3. Looks like a great trip, and an amazing friend.
    She reminds me of Dr. Doolittle, with all her critters :)

  4. Looks like an interesting trip you took! It's still hard for me to get used to seeing the wind farms, tho.


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