Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What Came to the Pond

Last night, we set the camera near Troy and Kathy's pond to see what came in the night.  The camera triggered at 1:08 AM, but we did not see anything in the picture, though we knew something had gone by.  The coyote packs have been especially loud and busy these last few nights.
This morning, at 8:08 AM, as you see, the pond was visited by a doe (on the left) ... and by four wild turkey hens, you can JUST make them out below the tractor on the far side.  If you biggify, you may be able to see them.  Troy ran out of gas the other night, and left the tractor there, he doesn't park it there.
As you see, the pond is down at least 8 feet at this point, though it still has water in it.  In the eight years we have been here it has never been so low, nor in the 20 years that Troy and Kathy have lived there.  Their yard is unfenced on two sides, hence the wildlife goes to and fro here.  Tonight I hung the camera on another tree, one pointing north, so that it is lower to the ground, and will catch the animals as they come from the south and east.
Deer?  Turkeys???  Huh??? Huh????


  1. The coyotes are doing a lot of talking here too these days.

    I enjoyed the photo.

  2. That's a neat way to catch the wildlife on camera!

  3. Those pug girls are too cute! Makes me want to hold both of them.


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