Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Birthday

More family stuff today, it was that kind of weekend!

Looking natty, isn't he?  Bubba, Baby Jace, I mean.
He had about a bazillion cousins there from the other side.
Great Grandparents Trudy and Ralph got in some baby time, too.
The kids, despite temps in the SIXTIES, played on this device in the back yard, they ran warm water into the swimming pool part (at the front) that holds it down.  Day, the retriever looking at the camera, had jumped in with the kids.   He had just gotten out, he's twelve but wanted to swim with his friends!
Came home to do chores, water the flowers, tidy things up, and get ready for our vacation week.  We leave Tuesday for the Chateau on the Lake, at Branson, Missouri.


  1. Oh what a GRAND time you all had!

  2. Oh, have fun in Branson. I was just there, but I could easily go back that place!

  3. Adorable pictures! So cute. And LOL about the kids swimming and playing even though it was cooler! Gotta love em.

  4. What a sweetie-pie! Hope he had a wonderful birthday; it sure looks like he did!

    Have fun on your vacation too!!


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