Monday, September 10, 2012

Do Not Read if Squeamish!

The owl struck again during the day, today.

This was Cocky, in the pasture pen.   I had only half-tarped it last week, because they were going to be moved soon.  The owl hit it before the move.
 He was alive this morning, I found him at three when I went out to do chores.
The other birds were scared to death in the pen with him, of course.
While I worked on the new tarp, I dropped him in the pasture.
I actually thought two birds were gone because one wing was completely detached.
Then, this happened:
Jackson approached the carcass, chirupping to it over and over.
Then, he appeared to be pecking at it, but he was NOT eating it, I stood there and watched him closely.
Finally, he tried to sit on it... and I watched that closely too... after several attempts, he lost interest in it as if he finally believed the bird was dead, and strutted away.
I've never seen anything like this before.
(I moved the carcass to the bottom of the pasture where the wildings could find it)
The barn door, barred after the cows got out.
That's Cocky's son Junior on the dog house.  The two chicks were still in there, and their mamas circling around them, clucking.  It must have happened while I was out doing an errand.
I'm sorry the pictures of the turkey are so dark, but I took them this evening after we got back from dinner.
You see, it was a special occasion.
Many Happy Returns of the day to my sweetheart, and to son Brandon, who share a birthdate!
Love you, Honey!


  1. I am sorry to hear about Cocky. I thought owls were nocturnal? I better make sure I have our run covered now too!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby and your son. May they have many, many more!


  2. Happy b'days!!!!

    I'm so sorry. Try as we may, it is so hard to protect all of our critters.

    Yesterday, while getting the 2 year old colt out we found that he had a bad cut in the hoof. Horses seem to always find a way to hurt themselves no matter what you do to protect them.

  3. Sad when these things happen but surprised that an owl would do that.


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